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Thank you for your interest in joining another chapter’s brigade/telebrigade! There is strength and numbers, and we are excited to welcome you. View current Chapters open to hosting individual volunteers outside of their campus or community below! For more information or to join a Brigade/TeleBrigade, please fill up the form above! The amounts below reflect the donation goal required to cover the logistics involved for you to join another chapter on a one-week brigade and do not include airfare. If you are interested in a scholarship opportunity to cover your entire donation goal, we’d love to connect with you!

View a complete list of all existing GB chapters if you are instead looking to join an already existing Chapter on your campus or workplace.

*This page is updated regularly and will continue to include more Brigade/TeleBrigade options as opportunities arise. If you are a Chapter Leader open to hosting independent volunteers on your next Brigade/TeleBrigade, please submit our Chapter Interest Form. 

Business Brigades

Spring 2023

St. Thomas University | April 23-29 (Greece)

Boston University | May 14-20 (Panama)

Dental Brigades

Spring 2023

Florida State University | May 7-13 (Panama)

Summer 2023

UCLA University of California, Los Angeles | July 30-August 5 (Panama)

Winter 2023

North Carolina A&T | December 17-23 (Honduras)*

Engineering Brigades

Summer 2023

University of Birmingham | July 2-8 (Honduras)

Legal Empowerment Brigades

Fall 2023

University of Oxford | September 3-9 (Greece)

Medical Brigades

Spring 2023

CUNY City College of New York | April 5-13 (Ghana)

University of Victoria | May 7-13 (Guatemala)

Case Western Reserve University | May 14-20 (Honduras)

Mississippi State University | May 14-20 (Guatemala)

University of Houston | May 15-21 (Greece)

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill | May 15-21 (Guatemala)

Indiana University | May 15-23 (Greece)

Georgia Institute of Technology | May 21-27 (Honduras)

Oklahoma State University | May 22-28 (Honduras)

Summer 2023

University of Texas Dallas | June 4-10 (Greece)

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill | June 5-12 (Ghana)

University of Oklahoma | June 11-17 (Honduras)

University of Connecticut | June 11-17 (Greece)

George Washington University | June 19-26 (Honduras)

University of Houston | June 28- July 3 (Guatemala)

University of Oklahoma | July 2-8 (Greece)

Western Kentucky University | July 9-15 (Greece)

Texas Tech University | July 9-16 (Panama)

University of North Carolina Greensboro | July 10-17 (Ghana)

Southern Connecticut State University | July 23-29 (Greece)

Tufts University | July 23-29 (Panama)

Rice University | August 13-19 (Panama)

Foothill College | August 14-20 (Honduras)

University of Toronto Scarborough | August 27-September 2 (Greece)

Public Health Brigades

Summer 2023

University of Oklahoma | June 25-July 1 (Honduras)

Water Brigades

Fundraising Goals

Global Brigades is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers 7 Brigade programs across 5 program countries. Volunteers must fund raise a minimum donation goal to participate in the program of their choosing. Use the button below to view all donation goals depending on program, program format (virtual or in-person), and program country.