Sustainable Impact

Global Brigades has a unique model for tracking the impact made through its Holistic Model. Impact gathering is measured at a community level, each step of the way, as well as before and after the Holistic Model is implemented.

Community Identification

Programs are done “with,” not “for” community members. Community buy-in and leadership is crucial to the sustainability and success of our programs. Communities typically approach us through word-of-mouth or we may also approach new community partners based on proximity to current partners.

Needs Assessment

When a new potential community partner is identified, we send a local staff member to complete a rapid needs assessment. This assessment determines whether the communities’ needs align with Global Brigades’ programs and whether we could coordinate Brigades (international volunteers) in the community based on key factors, such as safety and location.

Baseline Community Data

Before Global Brigades implements the holistic model in a community, we first complete a baseline survey. This survey is facilitated by a trained local staff member and is completed with all available households within the community. This data provides us with a baseline of community information in regards to healthcare, economics and sanitation.

Holistic Model

We first enter a community with Medical Brigades. Since we provide our programs to communities based on the availability of volunteers to assist in funding & implementation, communities are added to a waitlist to receive the other programs. Once resources are available, the microfinance, engineering, water, public health and business programs are then implemented. Once all of these programs have been implemented and the community has reached specific goals under the areas of healthcare, economic development and water, sanitation & hygiene, a community can be inaugurated as an “Empowered Community.”

End Line Community Date & Follow Up

In order to assess how the Holistic Model has impacted community partners, we complete endline surveys at the completion of the holistic model. We also periodically check-in with key community committees, such as the community bank leaders, basic sanitation committee and community health workers to ensure programs are functioning effectively. Each few years, we conduct a new endline survey in holistic communities to guarantee that our model is creating lasting improvement in healthcare, economic development, sanitation and hygiene.

Research Opportunities

Interested in collaborating in GB’s research, monitoring, and evaluation efforts? Download our Global Brigades Research Guide to learn more and submit a proposal.