Corporate Responsibility Programs

Global Brigades is eager to partner with your organization to provide engaging and high-impact social responsibility programs.


Opportunities for Partnership

Corporate Volunteering

Select an impact area that aligns with your corporate social responsibility strategy: economic development, healthcare or water & sanitation. We help you create a customized virtual and in-person volunteer program based on proven itineraries that have been adapted over 15 years of experience. Programs can be implemented over a long weekend or several weeks; any ideal time-frame that works best for your team.

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Impact Investing

Corporate grants accelerate our program objectives empower more communities to meet their development goals. Global Brigades is a registered nonprofit organization throughout North America and Europe, offering full financial transparency and detailed impact reporting for grantors. Our team is eager to work with you to create a proposal aligned to your funding requirements.

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University Mentorship Program

With thousands of university volunteers across hundreds of university chapters, our mentorship program enables corporate partners with an opportunity to work alongside students of relevant study to build recruitment channels and help students maximize impact while on brigade. Mentor in an impact area that matches your company: business, dental, medical, water, engineering, public health, or legal empowerment. 

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Why Global Brigades?

Global Brigades believes in market-based solutions to resolve poverty. Each contribution from a donor or volunteer recirculates to support even more communities based on our sustainable cost-recovery models. Since 2004, we have put to work more than $100M in donations and 80,000 volunteers to create one of the most innovative sustainable development organizations in the world. 

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