• 20 Community Partners
  • Working with 12,200 Community Members
  • 41% of rural population lives in poverty
  • Common sources of income include agriculture, chicken farming, livestock and artisan sales

Our Work In Panama

Programs Currently Implemented



Invested in Community Owned Banks & Businesses


Legal Cases Resolved


Community Health Workers Trained & Equipped

Highlighted Projects

Model Farms

Many families in our partner communities rely on farming as a source of income and as a food source. As a micro-enterprise consulting effort, we have worked with experts to develop a “model farm” concept which is setup with community partners to share farming best practices.

Community Bank Empowerment Summit

To celebrate the achievements of the community banks established in our partner communities and to further strengthen the banks through workshops. In 2016, the summit centered on strengthening our current Community Bank leadership through workshops and giving them a platform to share best practices with each other.

Access to Legal Counsel

We empower rural communities to overcome obstacles that impede access to justice by providing legal counsel and educational workshops. We do this in part by hosting legal clinics in which counsel is offered for free to community members by qualified Panamanian lawyers.

Medical Clinics to Partnerships

Global Brigades Panama will no longer be hosting international volunteers to support mobile medical clinics in partner communities. Instead, we are establishing partnerships to provide long-term healthcare support to communities through the government and partner organizations.


Volunteer safety will always be our absolute top priority. Global Brigades recently engaged Askari International Security, an industry leader in international risk assessment, to complete a comprehensive risk/safety assessment of all brigade operations. A full explanation of safety precautions and procedures can be found on our “Safety & Insurance” page.

A Quote from Askari International Security

“I was asked to review Global Brigades safety and security procedures for their operations in Central America. I always use a “litmus test” by assessing whether I’d be happy to send my own daughters (late teens early 20’s) on one of their events. The answer was a resounding yes. I hope I was able to help them improve their processes and procedures, but what was already in place was good, but better still was the culture of safety and security. All the staff were concerned with safety and security and keen to improve. Nothing can ever be 100% secure or safe, but with Global Brigades I can genuinely say they care and take things very seriously.”
     – Bryan Hemmings, Managing Director, Askari International Security

Volunteer Safety Highlights in Panama

  • Global Brigades is an active member of OSAC (the Overseas Security Advisory Committee) and receives up-to-date security and safety briefings from the U.S. State Department;
  • Established relationship with Senafront to provide security escorts to those groups working in the Darien region;
  • Full-time local Global Brigades medical personnel on-call at all times;
  • Adherence to the IVPA standards of international volunteering.