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Volunteer Preparation

Learn more about how you can best prepare for your upcoming brigade with educational resources and guides specific to your program.

Global Brigades has the incredible responsibility and opportunity to educate a 5,000+ volunteer base annually throughout the experiential learning that will occur in their volunteer efforts. This education empowers volunteers with the knowledge, skills, and context required to have an ethical impact for all involved. Through these educational volunteer resources, Global Brigades strives to redefine the way that volunteers engage in international development by promoting a mindset where volunteering is an act of solidarity, rather than charity, and the focus of development work is empowerment, rather than aid. We aim to ensure that all Global Brigades volunteers are equipped with the proper tools and context that allow them to contribute to community development with cultural sensitivity and humility. We encourage you to reflect deeply as a volunteer by utilizing the Pre-Brigade, Program-Specific, and Post-Brigade resources below in your journey to discovering your role as a responsible Global Citizen. Allow Volunteer Preparation to help you complete a brigade with a more comprehensive understanding of international development and the responsibility to engage both locally and globally

Chapter Leaders: Use this step-by-step Education Guide to get started and refer to the tools and topics below to help shape your Chapter meetings throughout the academic year.

General Brigade Preparation

Sustainable Development: Learn more about the evolution of international volunteering, what challenges are faced in parter countries, and explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

GB Foundations: Discover the origin of Global Brigades, The Empowered 100, and the importance of Monitoring and Evaluation

Ethical Volunteering: Reflect on your role as a volunteer, understand the context of international volunteer efforts and discuss common critiques

Cultural Preparation: Explore the history and cultural context of partner countries and build your cultural competence and and brush up on your skills in a different language to prepare you for meaningful cross-cultural interactions

Leadership Development: Use your pre-brigade meetings to build community and develop as student leaders and global citizens

Program Specific Preparation

Each of our 7 programs are focused on key health and economic factors that boost the well-being of communities as seen in the Global Brigades Holistic Model. Click on your program of choice below to gain a deeper understanding and review the skills and tools you will need to succeed on your brigade.

Program specific preparation resources coming soon…



Post Brigade Reflection

The Global Brigades Post-Brigade Curriculum is meant to guide you through the process of digesting what you have learned on your brigade and applying it to your everyday life on your campus and in your community.

The Brigade experience is not complete without reflecting on your role as a volunteer and how you can now continue on your lifelong journey of becoming a responsible and ethical Global Citizen. Be sure to read through this blog post on telling your #MyGBStory to ensure that you are respectful and ethical on social media or when speaking about your experience in-person.

Additional post-brigade resources coming soon…


We value your feedback as a volunteer, stakeholder, or Chapter Leader. If you have any pieces of feedback or suggestions for additional resources that you have found useful on your campus, we want to hear from you!
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