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Understand our Fundraising Policies

Volunteer fundraising is critical to the implementation of Global Brigades’ Holistic Model through Brigade programming. Once a volunteer meets a set Donation Goal for their interested program and country, they are eligible to join us on-the-ground to see their fundraising efforts put into action by participating in a Brigade. Volunteers have up to 1 year to participate in a Brigade after they meet their Donation Goal. If a volunteer decides not to participate in a Brigade, the funds raised will be utilized to support Global Brigades’ mission. Find out more about our cancellation policy.

Set Your Donation Goal

When a volunteer participates in a Brigade, the volunteer’s ground transportation, food, lodging, and emergency insurance are all covered by their Donation Goal. The funding that the volunteer raised also supports all the necessary costs for program implementation, supplies, and staff. Airfare is not included in the standard Donation Goal. However, Global Brigades’ travel team can work with volunteers to book airfare and incorporate the airfare expense into the volunteer’s Donation Goal (see travel tab for more information.)

Donation goals are directly related to the number of volunteers travelling on your brigade. As you increase the number of volunteers, you will grow from the sustainable level to the empowered level and all the way to the scaled level. Please visit the “Recruitment Resources” section for more information on recruitment for your next brigade. Once you reach a new level, each volunteer on your brigade will receive a scholarship, and as a result, their donation goal will be lower. Our goal: more volunteers, more impact, lower donation goals. 

Meet your Donation Goal

See the Donation Goal graphic for your program below by selecting the link in the corresponding brigade type and country:



*Brigades that would like to extend beyond 7 days (8 days for Ghana) can do so by increasing their Donation Goal by $100 for every extra day they would like to volunteer. The entire brigade must increase the length of the brigade. 
To learn more about where your donation goes, visit the Financials page of our website to view a breakdown of our entire annual budget.
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Fundraise with MyBrigades


Global Brigades cannot accept cash donations, therefore, any cash donations will not be considered tax-deductible. All monetary donations should be made by credit card, e-check, or paper check. 

Credit Card & E-Check Donations
All credit card and e-check donations must be made using Global Brigades MyBrigades and directed to the individual volunteer. Each volunteer must be signed up on their Chapter’s Brigade Page in order to participate in a brigade. For instructions on how to make donations, use this GB Brigade Pages and MyBrigades Tutorial.
Donors will automatically receive a tax receipt recognizing their tax deductible donation. The receipt will be e-mailed to the address they submit when they make their donation.
In order to ensure 100% of all donations go towards their purpose, credit card donors will be charged a 3.5% merchant fee, which covers online credit card and transaction fees in their donations. Donors wishing to bypass this processing fee are encouraged to make their donation using the e-check (ACH) option.
**The E-check option will be disabled 14 days prior to a brigade.


Check Donations

Volunteers are strongly recommended to ask that their donors donate to their brigade using their Global Brigades MyBrigades web page.

Instructions for Check Donations
  1. All checks must be made payable to “Global Brigades, Inc.” Checks made payable to an individual or a Chapter are considered a personal gift and they are not eligible for tax deduction.
  2. The donor should include the recipient volunteer’s name, their school, and their brigade program on the memo line, so the funds can be added to the appropriate fundraising account (ex: Marquette University Medical – volunteer Jane Doe.)
  3. To ensure that the check is received and tracked, the volunteer should communicate the following to Global Brigades via email prior to sending the check: donor name, donor email address, check number, check amount, volunteer’s name.
  4. Checks should be mailed to the following address:

                               GLOBAL BRIGADES, INC.
                               P.O. Box 101875
                               Pasadena, CA 91189-1875

  1. Once the check is received, it will be added manually to the volunteer’s fundraising page to go toward meeting their Donation Goal. Check processing time takes approximately 1-2 weeks.
  2. Donors who donate $250 or more will be mailed a tax receipt if they provide their name and mailing address along with the check.
Sending Multiple Checks
  1. Once the check donations are collected from donors, Chapter leaders should collect all checks and fill out the Check Donations Tracker Template.
  2. The spreadsheet should be printed out and mailed along with the checks

In-Kind Donations

Global Brigades accepts a limited amount of material donations as long as the guidelines below are followed. Solicited and unsolicited donations must be confirmed with the appropriate Program Associate and be inspected for the required quality and useful life compliance before acceptance.  If you have a specific item(s) that you would like to donate, please contact your Program Associate to find out if your donations can be accepted.

  • The donor must be informed that the recipient of the donation is Global Brigades, Inc. on behalf of your Chapter (i.e. Medical Brigades at Pennsylvania State University).
  • Once Global Brigades accepts the donation, the donation will not be returned to the donor without the donor’s consent.
  • Global Brigades cannot accept any items for resale or store donations.


Brigades that would like to have tax donation receipts provided to donors for making in-kind donations must first receive prior approval from Global Brigades, Inc. by contacting accounting@globalbrigades.org. Global Brigades will only provide in-kind donation receipts for large equipment items donated directly to Global Brigades, Inc., such as dental units, wheelchairs, etc. valued over $250. In order to receive recognition for the donation and a tax receipt, the Chapter Leader must submit the following information to their Program Associate:

•  Name and address of the donor, specific office or title (if applicable)
•  List/description of the donation, fair market value and date of the donation
Declaration that the donated items were needed/used for the brigade and that all donated items were in the required condition
Purchase receipt for donated item  


As we strive to be as sustainable as possible, we cannot support handing out in-kind donations (old clothing, school supplies, toiletries, etc.) Handing out small amounts of such items results in unfair distribution of donations and can cause challenges within our community partners. To make the most of items such as used clothing, we suggest looking into organizations like thredUp. ThredUP takes like-new clothing and gives money to the donor’s charity of choice.


Start fundraising for your brigade as early as possible to give yourself plenty of time. Check out this Volunteer Fundraising Guide for more tips, tricks, and fundraising strategies you and your chapter can use! 


Featured Fundraiser: Cafe Holistico 

Café Holístico, Global Brigades’ own coffee sales initiative, offers volunteers a way to increase the well-being of rural families while also generating significant funds for a brigade. All the coffee is sourced from Nicaragua and Honduras in the same regions where Global Brigades works. Because we buy directly, we can provide farmers 2-3 times more income per pound than they would otherwise receive. Visit holistico.org to get started today and get connected to a coffee representative.

Matching Donations

When making online donations to US brigade groups on Global Brigades website, donors can use the “Employer Matching” search tool during donation checkout and see whether their employer is in 360MatchPro’s database of companies that provide matching donations. If a company is selected from the list, after the donor makes their donation, a web page will appear showing the donor the information they will need to complete their matching donation submission with their company. Please note, there is no guarantee that an employer will match a donation, and follow-up steps may be required of the donor before the donation can be approved by the employer.

Global Brigades staff are happy to provide supplemental documentation to companies in order to receive matching donations. Please contact accounting@globalbrigades.org if you need supporting documents for your matching donation request.  All donations processed through 360MatchPro will incur a service charge of 5% of the matching donation amount. This 5% will be deducted from the matched amount provided by the company. The remainder will go toward the volunteer’s donation goal. 

If the matching donation is scheduled to be sent to Global Brigades after the volunteer’s brigade, special approval will be needed from Global Brigades staff in order to count the matching donation towards the volunteer’s donation goal.