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Year Round Engagement

What is GB365 and how do we implement sustainable engagement on campus year round? In this section of the Volunteer Resource Site you will find ideas and suggestions on how to engage on campus and virtually even when you aren’t planning or on your Brigade!

Stay Connected

Stay connected by following us and engaging with us on social media! One of the best ways to stay in touch with Global Brigades is to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! We often share community member testimonials, #MyGBStory posts from volunteers and staff, and our exciting initiatives. Don’t miss out!

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Check out the Blog! Want to learn how to start a new Global Brigades Chapter? Looking for tips and tricks on how to write your Medical School Application? Interested in learning more about community banks and women’s empowerment? You can find all of that and more on our blog!

Celebrate GB Week

GB Week is an international celebration that aims to raise awareness about Global Brigades’ work and celebrate our collective impact. It’s an annual, week-long initiative for Global Brigades Chapters, staff, and community leaders to organize events on their campuses, in their local community and actively engage on social media. 

As an organization, we make a huge impact as a result of the hard work and passion of three movements of people: volunteers, staff, and community leaders. This year-round dedication drives our organization. It is so important to take some time each year to mark and celebrate the positive impact we have all made both globally and locally. 

Keep an eye on our social media for updates about the next GB Week!

Attend a Student Leadership Conference

Attend a Student Leadership Conference! Global Brigades Student Leadership Conferences are hosted across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These events bring together leaders, staff members, board members and prospective volunteers to share best practices, learn more about Global Brigades’ sustainable development model, and think critically about volunteering abroad.

Check out our upcoming SLCs here!

Join a Summer Leadership Institute

Join a Summer Leadership Institute! Global Brigades Leadership Institutes take place in all of our program countries and last between 5 to 7 days. The Institutes are designed for student leaders ready to ignite or grow the GB movement on campus. They are the only opportunity for leaders to spend one-on-one time with our program managers and learn the behind the scenes intricacies of our health and development model. Participants will become a GB expert, with in-depth programming and operations knowledge to best equip you to succeed as a representative of our organization on your campus. It is also a great way to build a personal bond with your assigned Program Associate and/or Volunteer Engagement Associate who will be there to help you in every step of the chapter creation, year round engagement, and brigade planning process for the upcoming year.

We encourage the following leaders to apply:
Undergraduate students looking to bring Global Brigades to their campus
Current or aspiring Global Brigades Campus Chairpersons
Current or aspiring Global Brigades Chapter Leaders

Check out the Leadership Institute Page for more information and to apply!

Start a new GB Chapter on your campus

Global Brigades University Chapters are the engine behind our sustainable development work. Each chapters around the world is a critical link in our movement to deliver health and sustainable development solutions in under-resourced communities. The +300 chapters mobilize thousands of volunteers each year and provide the majority of the funding for our local teams to implement our internationally recognized sustainable development work.  

Link to Become a Chapter President Form!

Take on a new Leadership Role

As a student-led organization, our leaders on campus are the driving force behind our organization’s growth and development. Taking on a leadership position allows you to build professional skills while navigating complex team dynamics. Reach out to your brigade leader or Campus Chairperson to see what leadership opportunities exist on your campus.

Volunteer Locally

At Global Brigades, we believe that service abroad and service locally within our home country are not mutually exclusive endeavors. Over the years, Global Brigades student volunteers have sought avenues by which they can apply skills learned through brigades to serve their own local community needs back in their home country. Local Initiatives are service projects designed to address the needs of local communities in student volunteers’ home countries. Through partnerships with third party organizations, local projects allow students to serve the very same communities that have been supportive of their Global Brigades experiences abroad in the past.

For a university Global Brigades chapter, Local Initiatives also serve to boost year-round student engagement and member retention, encourage students to be involved in Global Brigades chapters even if they are unable to travel abroad, and help to convey and promote the Global Brigades mission, vision, and values in communities at home.

Volunteers think globally and act locally. Keep connected to your local community and use your voice in the causes that matter to you. Vote, engage, and foster better relationships within your Chapter! This is your first step in your journey of becoming a global citizen. Use local initiatives before and after brigade.
Step 1: Research existing local initiatives and needs in your community
Step 2: Brainstorm initiatives that might work for your Chapter
Step 3: Form a team that wants to lead these initiatives
Step 4: Establish Partnerships
Step 5: Get as many volunteers involved as possible!

Engage as a Global Citizen

Grow as a Global Citizen during your time as a volunteer with us! Learn about our holistic model and how GB partner communities work alongside local staff to improve equality of life for all utilizing our Empowered 100 initiative and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Partner communities remain at the forefront of our narrative and we challenge you to do the same as you learn about your role as an international volunteer. 

Check out more education resources here! (Link VRS page??)

Exclusive Opportunities

SKY Campus Happiness will equip Global Brigades university students & young professionals with a powerful daily SKY breathing meditation practice while also building connections with other student leaders in a dynamic, interactive virtual environment. SKY’s well-being program trains participants in the evidence-based SKY breathing meditation practice, breathing techniques, social connection, and mindful leadership! Please check out their Website and Youtube channel and keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming program dates.

Bild Academyis an online educational incubator with a practical approach to teach about technology innovation, including healthcare and other fields. If you’re interested in learning from a team of experts with decades of experience in multiple new ventures, click the link below to register for Bild Academy’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Online Bootcamp. Bild Academy will equip GB university students and young professionals with tools, frameworks, and mentorship to formulate, vet, and refine their ideas; and learn structured approaches to plan and pitch new ventures throughout their future education and careers, in healthcare and other areas. Bild Academy’s program trains participants in problem definition, business model canvas creation, and business pitches, and more!

  • Learn to file a provisional patent application.
  • See firsthand a holistic approach to technology development and commercialization.
  • Earn a Certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship.


As with everything in our organization, we highly value leader and volunteer feedback. If you have any pieces of feedback or suggestions for additional resources that you have found useful on your campus we want to hear from you!

Please feel free to fill out our Volunteer Resource Site Feedback Form!