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Assisting With International Health Care Needs


USciences Global Medical Brigades chapter was scheduled for an in-person brigade to Panama in May 2020 but due to unprecedented circumstances all in-person brigades were suspended. Global Medical Brigades uses a holistic model to meet community health and economic needs, and is almost entirely funded through volunteers’ funds and donations. Due to the pandemic, volunteers could not actively participate to make a difference in urban and rural communities. To continue to ensure people living in communities with limited access to care and healthcare professionals, Global Medical Brigades implemented telebrigades. Medical Telebrigades through GMB are week-long opportunities where students can virtually participate in medical clinics in a developing country. Students have the opportunity to shadow local doctors through a secure telemedical consultation with patients from the respective community. Students have the opportunity to interact with Community Health Workers and are empowered to make sustainable changes in the respective community’s health.

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Santa Clarita News

Salutatorian of the Saugus High School 2022 graduating class, Shelby Negosian was awarded the inaugural Arthur L. Littleworth Diversity Scholarship for her interest and experience in water policy.


“Global Brigades is an international student-led movement that strives to implement holistic models around the globe,” Negosian said on her website. “In our Telebrigade, we engineered a pipeline for water in Cerro De Agua, a region in Jinotega, Nicaragua that lacked infrastructure for water.”

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Times News Online

Tamaqua woman to participate in service trip to Panama


A Tamaqua woman who is a senior at Villanova University will travel to Panama next month to provide health care services to underprivileged areas.

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LSU Reveille

LSU Water Brigades repairs water system for indigenous group in Panama


The LSU chapter of the Global Water Brigades traveled to Panama from March 13 to March 19 to repair a water system for a rural indigenous community in Embera Puru in the Darjen region. This trip was part of a larger effort the Global Brigades is making to assist this impoverished area.

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Volunteer International

The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering for an NGO


Have you ever considered volunteering? Whether it’s for a church, school, or another place, many organizations benefit from (and in some cases, completely depend on) volunteers to help. Volunteers also benefit from donating their time and effort to a cause they support: they gain a better understanding of the situation and culture surrounding the cause –– especially if it’s a volunteer program abroad. If you volunteer in a country where another language is spoken, you’ll also probably start to pick it up and actually learn it!


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Pacific Lutheran University News

David Yun ’22 discusses preparing for medical school and founding the Global Medical Brigades Club


Global Medical Brigades is an international movement of students and medical professionals working alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems. The PLU chapter is a student-run organization that strives to promote global health equality and connects students with opportunities to travel internationally to provide assistance through clinics and public health activities. The PLU chapter also functions as a support and resource network for pre-med students and connects students with alumni doctors and medical students.

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Daily Free Press

After two years of cancellations, BU Global Medical Brigades is ready to head to Guatemala


Boston University Global Medical Brigades chapter is gearing up for a trip to Guatemala this May — its first in-person brigade in over two years — following a series of cancellations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Duke Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

What MMS Students Learned While Helping Businesses in Rural Panama


What if the words you use every day in your business with clients do not translate perfectly into other languages?

This is one of the international business consulting challenges that Martha Reeves’ capstone course experienced this past semester as they worked with Global Brigades Panama. They held remote meetings with clients in rural locations and communicated solely through translators as they gained valuable lessons and experiences they will take with them into their future careers.

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EPCC graduate, NMSU student takes part in humanitarian effort


Oscar Ruben Velasquez, an alum from El Paso Community College, fundraised along with other students from New Mexico State University to travel to Guatemala through an organization called NMSU Global Brigades, a chapter designed to gather up students interested in medicine and send them to underdeveloped countries to experience medicine abroad.

“NMSU Global Brigades which allows students to travel to foreign countries and underdeveloped communities to provide medical care. Recently we went to Guatemala and provided medical care for the community members,” Velasquez said.

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Old Dominion University

Biomedical Student Goes Global in Honduras


Biomedical Sciences major Bethlehem Dawit is on the pre-health track at Old Dominion University. This past summer she and 14 other ODU students traveled to Honduras as part of Global Medical Brigades, a non-profit on-campus organization whose mission is to provide primary health care services to small, under-resourced, rural communities with limited to no access to medical care. Dawit serves as president of ODU’s chapter.

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