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Global Medical Brigades Bring Aid to Honduran Communities


The Illinois Wesleyan University Global Medical Brigades team provided health care to more than 700 people in need and made long-lasting sanitation improvements in several communities during a recent trip to Honduras.

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Magazines at Marquette

Coming Full Circle

June, 2018

A pair of Marquette alumni, former undergraduate brigade volunteers, now physicians return to Nicaragua with Global Brigades as health care professionals.

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Magazines at Marquette

Bringing on the Brigades

June, 2018

Global Brigades celebrates 15 years of service in rural Central America with Marquette University. What started as an idea from a College of Health Sciences student would quickly grow beyond all expectations.

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Journal Pioneer

Jake Shea making second Global Brigades trip to Honduras

April 30, 2018

“We try to make a whole community empowered,” Shea described Global Brigades’ mission. “Eventually, they have everything they need to sustain themselves.” He said 11 communities in Honduras have already gained empowered status. Global Brigades teams are then able to concentrate their efforts in other communities.

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Arcadia University

Video: Visit Nicaragua with Arcadia's Global Brigades Program

Learn how students from Arcadia’s Physician Assistant program are impacted by their travels to Nicaragua with Global Brigades to provide medical and public health outreach in rural regions of the country.

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USC Marshall School of Business

Global Brigades at Marshall

With a passion for change, Global Brigades @ Marshall strives to provide business consulting and strategic investment to support under resourced microenterprises in Panama, Ghana, and Honduras. Selected students have the opportunity to participate in a week-long service learning experience and they work with a local micro-enterprise to improve the success and sustainability of the business. This includes living in the rural community for a week, learning about the business, and using business skills to help with marketing, operations, finance, and accounting. Brigade members will work directly with micro-enterprise members, prepare and present workshops, and spend a few days exploring nearby metropolitan areas

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DePaul Magazine

DePaul's Global Brigades Travel with a Mission

June 1, 2014

For most of us, travel provides us with a chance to relax and a firsthand way to explore other lands. While travel broadens our view of the world, few of us make truly life-altering decisions based on a trip out of the country. But don’t tell that to the DePaul students who give their time and talents to Global Brigades (GB), a student-founded, student-run organization that seeks to create positive change globally. Not only are these students helping to change the world for others, but they are also moving their lives in directions many never imagined.

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Central Michigan Life

Global Brigades makes a world of difference

November 18, 2014

It’s cliché, but to be able to travel abroad and first-hand see the difference in culture and lack of resources in these areas is life changing,” he said. “I think people don’t realize what they have and take for granted the environment we live in compared to the rest of the world.”

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Global Brigades lets students practice medical skills abroad

February 8, 2015

The University’s Global Brigades Medical Chapter was founded a year and a half ago, and each year since, volunteers have gone to under-served foreign countries on their annual medical mission trip…“We have to gather enough money and supplies so we can hire the doctors, the dentists, the pharmacists, the nurses,” said club president and biological sciences senior Danielle Raslan. “We have nearly a 10-page list of medications that we bring on the brigade, like multi-vitamins and various antibiotics.”

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The John Hopkins News-Letter

Global Brigades group volunteers in Honduras

February 25, 2016

During Intersession, 25 students spent six days in Honduras sorting medications, shadowing doctors, seeing patients and running a temporary clinic for nearby citizens. The medical care they provided motivated citizens from all over the area to travel to the temporary clinic. Some citizens were rumored to have walked for over two hours to receive the medical care that Hopkins students were helping to deliver.

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