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Global Brigades lets students practice medical skills abroad

February 8, 2015

The University’s Global Brigades Medical Chapter was founded a year and a half ago, and each year since, volunteers have gone to under-served foreign countries on their annual medical mission trip…“We have to gather enough money and supplies so we can hire the doctors, the dentists, the pharmacists, the nurses,” said club president and biological sciences senior Danielle Raslan. “We have nearly a 10-page list of medications that we bring on the brigade, like multi-vitamins and various antibiotics.”

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The John Hopkins News-Letter

Global Brigades group volunteers in Honduras

February 25, 2016

During Intersession, 25 students spent six days in Honduras sorting medications, shadowing doctors, seeing patients and running a temporary clinic for nearby citizens. The medical care they provided motivated citizens from all over the area to travel to the temporary clinic. Some citizens were rumored to have walked for over two hours to receive the medical care that Hopkins students were helping to deliver.

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Carolina Undergraduate Admissions News

UNC Spring Break Travels: Global Brigades Panama

March 15, 2015

Jordan said the most rewarding part of her experience was, “figuring out how to merge different ideas -such as students with different majors in the states and diverse Panamanian community members. We found that although from different backgrounds, we had more similarities than differences and therefore it was easy and fun to work together.”

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The Scarlett & Black

Global Brigades Takes on Nicaragua

April 3, 2015

“Global Brigades is a good way to explore if you want to do pre-med,” said Jarren Santos ’17, one of the trip’s participants. “There were a lot of people who have the intent of doing pre-med, but maybe during the trip they really enjoyed working in the pharmacy that they had available there or maybe they liked shadowing the dentists there. We did this thing called a hybrid brigade where we not only shadow medical physicians, but we do the public health portion where you help build a family’s home and help educate smaller communities about hygiene and preventative measures.”

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Go Global, Global Brigades

April 7, 2015

When asked, “why do you go on brigades?” Sumida replies, “I participate on brigades because I am passionate about improving health and economic development globally. The holistic approach Global Brigades takes when collaborating with communities has always resonated with me. The volunteers and community members I have met through participating on brigades have also created some of the most genuine and uplifting relationships I have ever developed in my life.”

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South End Weekly

WSU Global Brigades chapter treats record-breaking number of patients

October 7, 2015

Global Brigades model includes a holistic view, so not only medical and public health come into play. There are things to offer engineers, business majors, even art students,” said Srour, a pre-med anthropology major. “Global Brigade doesn’t discriminate. If you are looking for an eye-opening experience and willing to work hard, please contact us because I can promise you that you’ll find something in Global Brigades you didn’t even know existed.”

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Ball State Daily

Global Brigades sells grilled cheese to fundraise

November 2, 2015

The organization has been selling grilled cheese since Fall 2013, said Kasey Burchett, chairperson of the organization. It sets up shop during the Fall Semester on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m, when there is heavy foot traffic in the Village. Each brigade takes turns selling the sandwiches to raise money for their specific section…“People that are intoxicated spend a lot more money on food, so it’s a really good sale for us,” Petricevic said. “It is a lot of fun. We all really have a good time.”

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The Brown Daily Herald

A capella battle supports Global Brigades outreach in Honduras

November 18, 2015

Brown’s Global Brigades organized Saturday night’s event to help fund the group’s Winter Medical Trip to Honduras. Lanpher, a member of the group’s executive board, said the board was inspired by the riff-off in “Pitch Perfect” while brainstorming fundraising ideas at a meeting.”  “It’s a very expensive trip,” she said. Besides flight and program costs, much of the trip’s expenses come from the cost of medications, she added.

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Elon University News

School of Health Sciences Hosts Vitals Workshop in Preparation of Global Medical Brigade's Trip to Nicaragua 2016

November 19, 2015

Members of the Global Medical Brigades learned how to take blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate in preparation for skills needed on a service trip to Nicaragua this coming August. In addition, they enhanced their knowledge of medical terminology and medical abbreviations by playing jeopardy with the DPT and PA student volunteers.

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The Vector

A Message from NJIT’s Chapter of Global Brigades

December 10, 2015

The little things we take for granted can impact less fortunate people and brighten their whole day. Being a volunteer and giving back to people all over the world in this manner is a rare opportunity, and being able to partake in this trip for a good cause taught Shruti and her friends so much.

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