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Global Brigades’ Foundations

In this section, you will learn more about the foundational Global Brigades’ information, such as the history and origins of the organization, the Holistic Model, the Empowered 100 (E100), and Monitoring and Evaluation. Check out the video below for a quick overview:


Global Brigades History and Origins

 Learn more about the evolution of Global Brigades, and plans for the future in this section. Explore the timeline of the organization and learn more about our Mission, Vision, and Values!

  • One can learn a lot about an organization from its history. Check out the Global Brigades timeline to learn about how our organization has evolved over the years.
  • Learn more about GB’s Mission, Vision, and Values by watching the video below! After you watch the video, use the Values Facilitator’s Guide to have an engaging discussion with your chapter.

Holistic Model

Global Brigades uniquely implements a holistic model to meet a community’s health and economic goals. Our model systematically builds community ownership and collaboratively executes programs with the end goal of sustainably evolving to a relationship of impact monitoring. Learn more about how your participation in a Brigade fits into the Holistic Model!

  • Check out the video below to learn more about the Holistic Model – after you watch the video, use the Holistic Model Facilitator’s Guide to check your understanding of our tool for sustainable development.

The Empowered 100 (E100)

 The Empowered 100 is our commitment to empower 100 rural communities around the world to permanently rise out of global poverty through our Holistic Model focused on 4 key core components of the UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: healthcare (#3) , education (#4) , WASH (#6), and economic development (#8). Our ultimate goal is to create a blueprint to end rural poverty in our lifetime.

  • For an introduction to the Empowered 100, listen to the E100 Roadmap podcast below. After you listen, use the E100 Facilitator’s Guide to enhance your understanding of this initiative.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Global Brigades has a unique model for tracking the impact made through its Holistic Model. Impact gathering is measured at a community level, each step of the way, as well as before and after the Holistic Model is implemented. Learn more about our methods and processes for monitoring and evaluation impact!

  • Learn more about our Monitoring and Evaluation team at Global Brigades, the tools they use to measure impact, and how you can get involved by watching the video below! After you watch, use the M&E Activity Bank to check your understanding.


As with everything in our organization, we highly value leader and volunteer feedback. If you have any pieces of feedback or suggestions for additional resources that you have found useful on your campus we want to hear from you!

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