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Medical and Dental Program - Country Comparison

Medical Brigades Medical TeleBrigades Dental Brigades Dental TeleBrigades Primary Language Partner Demographic Health

(# of physicians for every 1,000 people)

Program Focus Work Setting Donation Goal Other Considerations
Ghana English, Fanti, and Twi Rural African 0.18 physicians Strengthening local institutions through public and private partnerships, in particular the Ghana Health Service. Partner communities are coastal or located on relatively flat inland coastal plain. The climate is tropical and humid with lush vegetation.Communities are typically larger and more densley populated than in Central America. Starting at $820 Must obtain visa pre-brigade and have proof of yellow fever vaccine. Likely need to start flight booking farther in advance to secure reasonable airfare quotes.

Greek, Arabic and Farsi Urban Refugees 4.59 physicians Unique opportunity to support diverse groups of refugees and vulnerable populations of Greece. Long-Term Accommodation Centers (camps) that host refugees and asylum seekers from various nationalities and backgrounds. The climate of the area is Mediterranean: most frequently sunny and dry during summer, and wet in winters. Starting at $1220 Vulnerable populations and not as ideal for first time volunteers
Guatemala Spanish and Mayan Rural Mayan 0.36 physicians Healthcare and WASH solutions in close collaboration with indigenous community leadership. Mayan communities, high in the mountains of central Guatemala, with unique indigenous leadership structure and traditions. While hot in certain months and times of day, it is often relatively cold at these lofty elevations. Starting at $1160
Honduras Spanish Rural Latino 0.31 physicians Strong reputation in the design and implmentation of WASH solutions, and an innovative, self-sustaining healthcare access program. Remote communities in the coffee producing mountains of central Honduras with generally dry and warm climate, with colder months at the end of the year. Partner communities in southern Honduras, some of which are coastal, are generally flat, quite hot, and dry. Starting at $760 Level 3 US Travel Advisory
Panama Spanish Rural Indigenous and Latino 1.57 physicians Very strong economic development programming, focused on empowering indigenous women, through our top performing community banks. Hot, humid and tropical communities with lush vegetation in both western and eastern Panama. Relatively flat terrain in the east, while more mountainous in the west. Many partner communities are indigenous, while others are latino. Starting at $960