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Flight Changes & Cancellations


  • All travelers’ names must be spelled exactly as they appear on their passport; travelers may be denied boarding at the airport if there are any misspellings or incomplete names.
  • At the time of ticketing, final names & fundraising are due for all travelers; any changes after ticketing are subject to airline penalties.
  • Changes to itineraries are possible, but prices may increase due to applied change fees and the difference in the new fare.
  • Name changes or corrections may be made on group tickets only up to 48 hours before departure and are subject to airline penalties. Global Brigades is not financially liable for correcting any inaccurate information (dates, names, etc.) submitted by the brigade leader or volunteers.
  • Adding additional travelers to a group flight reservation after ticketing will require a separate reservation at the current published fare rate.

Reach out to your Chapter Leader and/or Travel Team member to request any changes! 


  • All cancellations are subject to loss of deposit before ticketing.
  • If the ticket has been issued, the reservation may be granted a flight voucher. 
  • Vouchers carry a change fee that is set based on each airline policy, which is applied in order for the voucher to be used.
  • Global Brigades will work to advocate to try and get any airline applied fees waived, however, we are unable to promise whether the airline will be flexible
  • If you have any last-minute volunteer cancellations, please be sure to let Global Brigades know as soon as possible. It is also recommended that the volunteer either calls directly to the airline or communicates this to their Chapter Leader, in order to cancel the reservation at the moment of check-in and avoid losing your ticket value for a no-show. 

Reach out to your Chapter Leader and/or Travel Team member to request any cancellations! 


  • Be sure to keep us updated if there have been any changes to your flight itinerary.
  • NON-EMERGENCIES should go to your Program Associate via email. EMERGENCIES (flight is delayed or canceled on the day of travel) can be directed to Global Brigades at +1-206-489-4798 or email admin@globalbrigades.org.
  • If flight cancellations by the airline occur on the day of travel, it is best to seek face-to-face assistance. 
  • If possible, go to the airport and speak directly with the airline to get rescheduled or call one of the numbers below.

Airline Numbers to Call for Group Reservations

 Airline Contact Information
United Airlines International Reservations: +1-800-864-8331
United Group Desk number is: +1-800-426-1122
British Airways Groups Desk: +1-877-359-4777
Turkish Airways Groups Desk: +1-212-261-0470 ext: 149823
Lufthansa Airlines Groups Department: +1-866 954-4768
American Airlines Groups Department: +1-800-221-2255
Groups Help: +1-800-433-1790
Delta/KLM Groups Department: +1-800-337-4777
Air France Airlines General Reservations: +1-800-221-1212
Taca Groups Department: +1-888-212-2647
Avianca Airlines General Reservations: +1-800-400-8222
Aeromexico Airlines General Reservations : +1-800-237-6639
COPA Airlines General Reservations: +1-800-359-2672