UK & Europe Global Brigades Campus Committees

Below is an outline of our Campus that participate in Global Brigades in the UK and Europe.

If you have any questions or need to be added to this page please contact Shaswath Ganapathi (


De Montford University

Asma’ Hamrad | Campus Chairperson

Aaisha Mohamed | Secretary

Ida Danquah-King | Treasurer/Fundraising officer
Rula Al-rikabi | Recruitment and Marketing Officer

University of Birmingham

Sneha Rajadurai | Campus Chairperson

Olivia Bates | Co-President

Shoaib Sheraz | Co-President

Camille-Du-Buisson | Secretary

Eve Whitehurst | Treasurer

Robery Bryce | Recruitment Rep

Rebekah Henry | Recruitment Rep

Ellie Stubley | Fundraising Rep

Beth Hanney | Fundraising Rep

James Smith | Engineering Chapter President

Bella Byass | Engineering Chapter Recruitment Rep

Zoe Berisford | Engineering Chapter Social Media Rep

Joe Roberts Nuttall | Engineering Chapter Fundraising Secretary

Ibrahim Kabir | Engineering Chapter Fundraising Secretary

University of Exeter

Hannah Sheen | President/Campus Chairperson

Kabir Kohli | Vice President

Jess Woodrow | Treasurer

University of Edinburgh

Giselle Nascimento Dias | President/Campus Chairperson

Anjali Savansukha | Secretary

Lee Suddaby | Treasurer

Chenchen Zha | Fundraising and Advertising Secretary

St.George’s University

Timothy Vaz | Campus Chairperson

Anjali Shah | President

Imperial College London

Carlos Romeo Committee | Campus Chairperson

Maria Nikoli | Vice President Medical Brigade

Pablo Mayoral Arino Committee | Vice President Engineering Brigade

Ana Derqui | Vice President Engineering Brigade

Santi Campo | Treasurer

Maria Pakradouni | Sponsorship and fundraising coordinator

Mikaela Zafet | Events officer

Lisa Weissend | Secretary

King's College London

Sharmin Akthar | Campus Chairperson

Hannah Abdalla | Medical Team Lead/Wellbeing Officer

Arooj Khan | Legal Team Lead

Imad Remmouche | Fundraising Lead

Isfahaan Nur | Fundraising Team

Isobel Currie | Fundraising Team

Zainab Abid | Fundraising Team

Zaynah Barret | Fundraising Team

Rayane Khelidj | Communications Officer (Medical Brigades)

Mira Khalaf | Communications Officer (Legal Brigades)

Dijle Akdag | Social Media Officer

Leah Asante | Partner Liaison (Orange Society)

Anu Omisore | General Support/Ex President 2020-21

Maria Boutovitskai | General Support/Ex President 2019-20

Carla Visscher | General Support

London School of Economics

Luzia Kirschbaum | President

Xinge Zhang | President

Anuj Agarwal | Fundraiser

Grisham Bhatia | Business Chapter Leader