UK & Europe Global Brigades Campus Committees

Below is an outline of our campuses that participate in Global Brigades in the UK and Europe.

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King's College London

Nazim Zaim | Campus Chairperson

Musa Ali | Medical Lead

Shahzada Arthar | Treasurer

Matthieu Verriez | Event Team Lead

Crystal-Lily Adu- Manuh | Event Officer

Janhavi Modak | Events Officer

Leicester University

Nikeesha Judge | Campus Chairperson & President

Alex D’Netto | Secretary

Lianna Atkinson | Treasurer

Oxford University

Eleanor Stubley | Campus Chairperson

University College Dublin

Sharnavi Sagramsingh | Campus Chairperson

Joella Simon | Secreary/ Treasurer
Kyle Khan | Social Media Officer

University of Birmingham

Camille Du Buisson | Campus Chairperson

University of Edinburgh

Jessica Thackeray | Campus Chairperson & President

Florencia Solórzano | Secretary

Rauufah Hendra | Treasurer

Ayla Shirazi | Social Secretary

Christia Kai | Fundraising Leader

Erim Apaydin | Legal Brigade Leader

University of Kent

Emily Jones | Campus Chairperson & President

Kiara Jane McMurdo | Vice President

Fayha Aziz | Fundraising Officer

Veronika Pavukova | Social Media Secretary