Dr. Shital Vora

Global Brigades CEO and Co-Founder
Marquette University Commencement Speaker 2024

During her tenure at Marquette University, Dr. Vora founded the inaugural medical brigade club, an initiative that has since grown into a global movement


active groups


volunteers mobilized


program countries


partner communities

A Collaborative Global Movement:

Under her guidance, Global Brigades has flourished, with over 600 active groups traversing the globe to deliver essential healthcare and education to underserved communities in Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Greece, and Ghana. Dr. Vora’s leadership within Global Brigades has been nothing short of transformative.

From her roles as CEO of Health Programs to Chief Program Officer and Chief People Officer, she has championed staff empowerment and cultivated a culture of innovation and excellence. Her unwavering commitment to fostering leadership opportunities and prioritizing the “human” aspect of human resources has left an indelible mark on the organization.

Dr. Vora’s impact extends far beyond accolades and statistics.
Her relentless pursuit of global health equity has touched the lives of millions:


Patient Consultations



Invested in Community Banks


Individual with Access to Clean Water


Community Health Workers Trained

In addition to her exemplary work with Global Brigades, Dr. Vora is a respected member of the Marquette University Health Sciences advisory board. Her contributions to the field have been recognized with prestigious accolades, including Marquette University’s Young Alumnus of the Year in 2009 and Young Alumni of the Year in 2016.

As CEO, Dr. Vora’s responsibilities extend beyond strategic leadership. She is a formidable fundraiser, leveraging her extensive network to secure vital resources for Global Brigades’ social impact initiatives.

Dr. Vora’s strategic acumen and visionary approach have propelled the organization and the Global Brigades’ team to unprecedented heights, with over $150 million raised to date.