Live Telemedicine Experiences for Nursing Classes

Our clinics in Honduras, Ghana, and Greece are now live-streaming their patient consultations directly into nursing classes across the US so that your students can gain international medical experience while supporting our doctors to provide much-needed medical care to vulnerable patients.

Each International Medical Program includes up to 11 sessions that provide practical learning for students, deepens their understanding of global health, and brings students directly into our clinics, virtually. Kambia and our non-profit partners have 20 years of experience connecting nursing classes to international clinics, and we have served more than 1 million patients along the way. We would love for your classes to join us!

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Explore International Medicine, Virtually

In our two decades of work, more than 84,000 students have collaborated with our international non-profit to support medical, public health, and community development work in hundreds of communities around the world.

Now, in response to our community needs and restricted travel during COVID-19, Kambia has launched the most interactive and impactful TeleMedicine program available! Nursing students are live-streamed directly into our clinics in Honduras, Ghana, and Greece to work with local medical professionals as they support patient needs.

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Meet our Community Health Workers

All of our community clinics are led by local doctors, nurses, and specialists. Additionally, we have trained a large team of Community Health Workers that provide general care and support in rural communities without easy access to medical facilities. Meet our Panama team of Community Health Workers!


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