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Entreprenuers like Yenia Bipuro are looking for consulting in business management, marketing, accounting, and finances. Kambia partners your class with small businesses in Central America, Africa and Eastern Europe to support them to improve their strategies and grow their businesses.

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Yenia Bipuro – Owner of Raíces Ancestrales (Ancestral Roots)

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Explore our program catalog to view projects specific to your business course. Our programs support clients in the areas of general business planning, accounting, supply chain, marketing, technology, and more. Our team works can work with you to customize our programs to fit your course.


Bring Real-World International Business Consulting to the Classroom

Kambia is the first and highest impact virtual experiential-learning program that bring live economic development projects into the university classroom. Our projects are designed for business students to apply their skills, foster cultural competency, and with the support of our local teams and mentors from Deloitte or Accenture, create consulting deliverables to help grow small business “clients” from under-resourced communities in the developing world.

Kambia is a program of Global Brigades, a renowned Guidestar Platinum Level 501(c)3 non-profit bringing over a decade of accolades in sustainable development and a network of hundreds of international communities to your classroom.