On the Ground in Greece: August 1-5, 2022

In 2018, Global Brigades was invited to Greece to explore filling a void for health care services for the growing refugee populations. Since then, we have grown our local staff, built a stable Polyclinic in Athens to provide free, consistent, and broad health coverage, and expanded to Business and Legal Empowerment Brigades. 

The Leadership Institute provides a unique opportunity to see all of our programming in a hands-on, behind-the-scenes way.

At the Leadership Institute (LI) you’ll have a chance to meet other Global Brigades student volunteers from around the world, network with Global Brigades staff, and gain a more behind-the-scenes look at our programs.

There are limited spots available and applications are subject to Global Brigades acceptance, so we encourage you to apply today.

The following are highly encouraged to apply:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate students hoping to start a Global Brigades Chapter for their campus/community
  • Current or aspiring Global Brigades Campus Chairpersons
  • Current or aspiring Global Brigades Chapter Leaders

The Holistic Model at Work

Unlike a typical Brigade or Telebrigade, the Leadership Institute gives you the unique opportunity to dive into all elements of the holistic model in just one week.

Attendees will participate in a schedule of community visits, presentations from Global Brigades staff, and a visit to the Athens clinic. This combination will give you a hands-on understanding of our holistic model to empower you as a GB Student Leader, as well as strengthen your critical thinking skills surrounding international development.



Our GB Athens clinic provides primary health care for asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable populations. The clinic houses local pediatricians, gynecologists, and ophthalmologists. Medical referrals are also provided to specialists and the public health system for needs beyond the scope of the brigade.

Join us to see the clinic for yourself.



Our Business Program supports migrants and refugees in Greece, who often face serious challenges when integrating into the local society and are financially excluded. Our programs work directly with clients to provide practical, effective consultations that help them grow their businesses.

Hear it from local business owner Liena:

Leadership Institute Donation Goal

Just like a Brigade or Telebrigade, our Leadership Insitute has a donation goal that you can fundraise for on your MyBrigades page. Also just like a Brigade or Telebrigade, donation goals encompass staffing, content, volunteer ground transportation, food, lodging, and emergency insurance, all while supporting our year-round efforts in our partner communities.

Your flight cost can also be added to your donation goal should you choose to book airfare through the Global Brigades’ travel team.

2022 5-Day Leadership Institute (In-Person): £445* 

*One month prior, there will also be the addition of a COVID donation goal to account for appropriate PPE and testing given the current requirements.