Emergency Medical Relief

Our response to hurricane devastation in Central America. Get involved!

On November 4th, Hurricane Eta struck Honduras, flooding and destroying thousands of homes. Just two weeks later, on November 17th, Hurricane Iota struck the same region again, devastating communities in an already struggling region.


Dozens have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and all belongings. People, as of this moment, are in great need of medical attention, shelter, clothes, and food.

Our Response

On November 10th, just 6 days after the hurricane landed in Honduras, our Global Medical Brigades team, with more than 25 doctors, nurses, and staff, left in a caravan from Tegucigalpa to make the 6-hour journey to La Lima, Cortes, one of the most affected regions in the country, located just outside the city of San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras. Upon arrival, our team set up a clinic, and over 5 days provided much needed medical attention to victims of the disaster. In total, we attended to:

  • ·      461 Men
  • ·      911 Women
  • ·      697 Children
  • ·      2069 Total Patients

Just one week after we returned from the north of Honduras, Hurricane Iota struck the same region again, and our team is committed to returning to La Lima to continue our service to the people of Honduras. Our goal is to return at least once more to provide medical treatment to hurricane victims in the north. Each trip costs our team about $8,000, or just $4 per patient, so every donation makes a huge difference. Please donate today to help us continue serving victims of Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Now is when you can help; now is when we need you to give. Please consider donating to our emergency relief Medical Brigades by visiting this page.


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Thank you to everyone that has already donated to this campaign, and to all of you who have supported our work in Honduras over the years. We are grateful that our staff is safe, and that we are able to be of help during this challenging time.


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