About Global Brigades Canada

  • GB Canada currently facilitates 27 youth-led volunteer chapter groups across the country in 7 of our provinces

  • 460 Canadian youth are involved each year

  • Thousands of other Canadians are educated about global issues and sustainable development through our volunteers

  • GB Canada works in partnership to offer Canadians global volunteer opportunities

  • GB Canada support and volunteers benefit thousands of women and community members in South America, Africa and Europe

The Work that We Do


Canadian youth directly involved in 7 provinces


Canadians volunteered globally to support Community Owned Banks & Businesses


Canadians volunteered globally to support Access to Clean Water


Canadians volunteered globally to support Sustainable Health Projects


CAD raised by Canadians to support Global Sustainable Development


Partner communities in 6 countries


Women Community Health Workers


Patient Consultants provided


People with Access to Clean Water



Invested in Community Banks & Businesses

Highlighted Projects

International Development Work

Global Brigades Canada and our partners work with a sustainable approach to resolve global disparities.

Our holistic model systematically builds community ownership and collaboratively executes programs with the end goal of sustainably transitioning to a relationship of impact monitoring.

Our development programs are executed with Global Brigades’ entities throughout Central America, West Africa and Greece.  To learn more about where we work click here.  (link to country program pages)

Our Canadian volunteers are provided the opportunity to work alongside the international Global Brigades teams to impact global issues. Local Global Brigades staff manage existing projects and maintain monitoring and evaluation reports according to Global Brigades Canada standards and policies. 

In 2019, 458 Canadian volunteers worked on behalf of Global Brigades Canada to educate hundreds of Canadians and participated in numerous global development projects. 

Each global program fills a unique need in under-resourced  communities and together, empowers communities to sustainably improve their health, welfare, and ability to provide for themselves. 

Global Women’s Empowerment

The global disparity of women and girls’ rights needs our support.  Gender inequality results in increased sexual abuse and violence against women and girls.   Extreme poverty further increases the vulnerability of women and girls, the poorest of the world’s population.  

We fund three initiatives that focus on women’s empowerment and that are all led by women in their local community: 

  • Community Health Workers, nearly entirely local women, are trained by Global Brigades doctors to provide regular access to primary health care and a conduit for emergency care in remote and under resourced community partners. Learn more about our Honduras Women’s Community Health Worker Program here.
  • Basic Sanitation Committees improve in home public health infrastructure that  overwhelmingly impacts female health, such as respiratory disease from lack of proper cooking stove ventilation.
  • Community owned banks led by local women provide access to financial services such as savings and affordable loans while investing in small female-run businesses.  Learn more about our Panama Women’s Empowerment initiatives here.

Student Leadership Development in Canada

Canadian youth educating other Canadian youth about Global Disparity and Sustainable Development

In Canada, we currently have 27 university student-led chapters across the country in 7 of our provinces.  That’s over 450 student volunteers working to educate their peers about global disparity and sustainable development, and empowering others to take action and be the change in both our communities and globally! Global Brigades Canada offers both virtual and in-person programs to engage student leaders in implementing our programs abroad.

Check out our Canadian volunteers in action learning and educating other Canadian students about global awareness and social responsibility. 

To get involved with an existing local chapter or start a new one in your community, click here.