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Ekumfi Srafa Aboano is located near the coast in the Central Region of  Ghana.  People in Srafa Aboano are primarily dedicated to farming and fishing.  The nearest is a health center to the community is is Otuam, about a 25 minute walk away.  There are  six Community Health Workers and an active Sanitation Committee, however the public latrines are not commonly used due to poor design and maintenance. With Global Brigades’ support, a Community Bank was established in January 2013 offering savings and loans services.  In addition, a boat was purchased to strengthen a local fishing micro-enterprise.   GB built various rainwater harvesting units in Srafa Aboano and in collaboration with the Ghana Water Company installed three public standpipes providing access to clean water.

District: Ekumfi

Region: Central

Homes : 260
Population : 1900
Water System : Yes
Community Bank : Yes
Electricity : Partial Coverage
Health Center : No
Education : Up to Junior High School
Distance From Lodging Facility : 45 Minutes


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Global Brigades establishes mobile clinics in Srafa Aboano up to twice per year in an effort to provide access to basic health care services to the community members.  In conjunction with the  government run Ghana Health Service, GB is working to improve healthcare in the region including the support of establishing and training local Community Health Workers.



Program Status

  • Planning
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One of the major challenges for the development of their community was lack of access to clean, sufficient water. As it is closely located to the Gulf of Guinea, community members’ options to collect fresh water is limited as many of the underground water sources are saline and not usable for basic consumption needs. Srafa Aboano’s freshwater pond was the largest source of fresh water for most community members and most women and children spent many hours a day collecting water in open containers and carrying it back home. Not only was the water from the pond used for drinking water, it was also used for washing and bathing purposes. Unfortunately, this same water was pulled from a source very close to where farm animals and humans regularly defecate. The drinking water from this pond was subject to high levels of contamination and was rarely treated before consumption often leading to diarrhea, bilharzia, cholera, skin rash and other water related diseases and infections. Another safe water option for Srafa Aboano’s community members was purchasing water sachets but this was often an unsustainable, unreliable and, in the long-term, expensive option for drinking water.


Project Beneficiaries




The Ghana Water Company is in charge of water distribution and treatment in the region where Srafa Aboano is located. In 2015, Global Brigades worked with the GWC to modify and expand its distribution infrastructure to get treated water to strategic points within the community where 3 standpipes were built. These standpipes give the 1179 community members living in Srafa Aboano, access to clean water, and meet the standards of the World Health Organization. By placing them in areas near the population, families spend less time and energy retrieving water for use in their homes. In addition to the standpipes, GB volunteers worked with community members to install rainwater harvesting units in homes and at the community’s school.


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete


The community of Srafa Aboano is located near the Atlantic Ocean. The community members are predominantly fishermen but had no boat to help ply their trade. Many younger community members were migrating from the community in search for other work opportunities due to the challenges they face fishing.


In September 2015, with Global Brigades support, the community of Ekumfi Srafa Aboano came up with the business idea to purchase a fully operative fishing boat and start fishing business that would create work and generate profits for the development of the community. The boat was purchased and an executive committee comprised of the Chief and selected elders of the community serve as the patron and financial management team to direct the activities of the boat. A group of committed fishermen serve as the crew for the boat and are responsible for the operations and marketing tasks.

Local Reference Points

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