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Otabanadze is located near the coast in the Central Region of  Ghana.  The main economic activities in Otabanadze are primarily dedicated to farming and pottery production. People in Otabanadze attend the health center in the nearby community of Ekrawfo, about 30 minutes away.  Global Brigades and Ghana Water Company installed 4 new standpipes with treated water. Community members have access to school from kindergarten through junior-high-school.


District: Ekumfi

Region: Central

Homes : 140
Population : 1041
Water System : Yes
Community Bank : No
Electricity : Yes
Health Center : No
Education : Up To Junior High School
Distance from Lodging Facility : 45 - 75 Minutes


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Global Brigades runs its Medical Brigades in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service and that brigades are done at Community-Based Health and Planning (CHPS) facilities in our communities. Otabanadze doesn’t have a CHPS facility in the community itself, but we attend patients from Otabanadze during our brigades at the nearby Ekrawfo CHPS facility.



Program Status

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Otabanadze has had a water well since 1951 and a bore hole since 2003. However, the water that came from the bore hole was very salty. During the dry season, the well/bore hole would dry up and the community members used to have to get their water from a river in the neighbouring community of Ekrawfo. All maintainence of the water system is carried out as a community, by its members.


Project Beneficiaries




In 2017, Global Brigades collaborated with the Ghana Water Company and installed four public standpipes in Otabanadze to provide access to clean drinking water in the community. The water standpipes come from a nearby modern drinking water treatment plant and is high quality.   A Water Committee will be trained in the community to maintain and administrate the stand-pipes.


Program Status

  • Planning
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  • Complete

Ghana Business brigades team has held initial meetings with community leaders and pottery producers.  The goal is to support the pottery business in the community with access to equipment, tools, business planning and markets.

Local Reference Points

View the map to see the closest volunteer lodging facilities, hospitals, and other relevant points of reference.

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