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New Ebu is located in the Central Region of  Ghana.  People in New Ebu are primarily dedicated to farming, animal raising, and cacao growing. The community has a CHPs clinic directly in community. The community also has access to a private pharmacy.  Currently, the community uses boreholes, standpipes, and wells to access water. Only about 20 percent of the community have access to safe and clean drinking water.  Community members have access to school from kindergarten through high-school.  The community expressed that their top needs are a larger supply of water, clinic expansion and improvement, and better roads.

District: Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese

Region: Central

Homes : 960
Population : 4213
Water System : Yes
Community Bank : No
Electricity : Yes
Health Center : Yes
Education : Up To High School
Percent of homes with toilet facility : 20%
Distance from lodging facility : About 1 hour
Community Health Volunteers : Yes


Program Status

  • Planning
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Global Brigades establishes mobile clinics in New Ebu up to twice per year in an effort to provide access to basic health care services to the community members.  In conjunction with the  government run CHPs zone, GB is working to improve healthcare in the region including the support of establishing and training local Community Health Volunteers.

Currently, the community has 4 trained community health volunteers. The community expressed that the top illnesses seen in the community are malaria, cough, and skin infection.

Global Brigades will have their first brigade in New Ebu in the upcoming months. 



Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades is working on the implementation of the Holistic Model in New Ebu but has not yet begun with the Water Brigades program.  Now in the planning phase, implementation of a water solution will start as soon as feasible.


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades will be visiting the community of New Ebu in the next upcoming months where they will have their first Business Brigade and work with local businesses.

Local Reference Points

View the map to see the closest volunteer lodging facilities, hospitals, and other relevant points of reference.

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