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Gyabankrom is located in Central Ghana. Most of the homes in the community are made up of block/brick or wood. Some of the top needs expressed by the community are access to water and toilet and access to business support. Children in the community typically attend school up until junior high school. The current water system in the community is 4 borehole. Most of the community members work in farming, fish mongering or some labor position. The community has access to a community bank in the form of a Susu coop.

District: Abura-Aseibu-Kwamankese

Region: Central

Homes : 555
Population : 3542
Water System : Borehole
Community Bank : Yes
Electricity : Yes
Health Post : Yes
Community Health Volunteers : Yes
Percent of Homes with toilet facility : 10
Education : Up to Junior High School


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades establishes medical brigades in Gyabankrom as an effort to provide access to basic health care services to the community members.  In conjunction with the government-run Ghana Health Service, GB is working to improve healthcare in the region, The top illnesses that people in Gyabankrom face are malaria, cough, and anemia. The community currently has 4 community health volunteers


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades has not yet implemented Water Brigades in the community of Gyabankrom. Currently, the community does have a water committee to help support the current infrastructure within the community.  Global Brigades plans to start water programming in the community of Gyabankrom soon!


Water System :
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Homes with Access to Water :
Water Council :


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades is working on the implementation of the Holistic Model in Gyabankrombut has not yet begun with the Business Program. Now in the planning phase, a community bank will be established as soon as feasible, followed by market studies and investment in an anchor business to provide additional capital.