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Ebiram is located near the coast in the Central Region of  Ghana.  People in Ebiram are primarily dedicated to farming and charcoal sales.  The nearest is a health center to the community is in Ekuampo, about a 40 minute walk away, but there are 6 Community Health Workers in Ebiram. With Global Brigades’ support, a Community Bank was established in June 2012 offering savings and loans services.  To alleviate issues with water quality and quantity, GB built a rainwater harvesting unit in the community in 2012

District: Ekumfi

Region: Central

Homes : 260
Population : 1250
Water System : No
Community Bank : Yes
Electricity : Partial Coverage
Health Center : No
Education : Up to Junior High School
Distance From Lodging Facility : 45 Minutes


Program Status

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Global Brigades establishes mobile clinics in Ebiram up to twice per year in an effort to provide access to basic health care services to the community members.  In conjunction with the  government run Ghana Health Service, GB is working to improve healthcare in the region including the support of establishing and training local Community Health Workers.



Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete


The two main water challenges in the Ekumfi district are: water access and water quality. Where piped water is not available, rainwater is the most culturally accepted form of drinking water. When rainwater is not available, community members will often go to rivers or small dug out ponds for water.

Ebiram’s residents fetch water for domestic use out of a stagnant pond on the west-side of the community. All domestic water use is from this pond and many community members drink and cook with this water as well as use it for bathing purposes. Furthermore, most women and children spend many hours a day collecting water in open containers and carrying it back home.

The water from Ebiram’s pond is rarely treated before consumption and using this water for personal consumption can lead to diarrhea, cholera, skin rash, bilharzia and other water related diseases and infections. One of the few safe water options for Ebiram’s community members is purchasing water sachets but this is an unsustainable practice as well as an unreliable and in the long-term expensive option for drinking water.


Water Brigades Ghana has focused on three types of water solutions in the Ekumfi District : School Rainwater Harvesters, Community-Wide Rainwater Harvesters and Household Rainwater Harvesters. In January 2012, Dublin City University constructed a School Rainwater Harvester in Ebiram to improve student health and studies as well as helped set up a School Water Club responsible for gathering clean water for each classroom. Each class had also been given a Family LifeStraw filter of Sawyer filter to use.


Program Status

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Complete

Global Brigades is working on the implementation of the Holistic Model in Ebiram but has not yet begun with the Business Brigades program. Now in the planning phase, a market study and the establishment of a community business will start as soon as feasible.

Local Reference Points

View the map to see the closest volunteer lodging facilities, hospitals, and other relevant points of reference.

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