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The Rooting of Capacity and Growth in Community – A Canadian Perspective
February 19, 2014

The following blog post was written by guest blogger Alex Whynot. Alex is the Global Brigades Campus Chairperson of Mount Allison University. With over 30,000 university students and professionals mobilized in the past 10 years, I’m not at all hesitant to say that Global [...]

Ebuakwa Bakery
November 19, 2013

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT UPDATE – EBUAKWA BAKERY, EKUMFI EBUAKWA, GHANA Ekumfi Ebuakwa has had an established CDF since May 2012. They have a strong savings culture and have even piloted the loan system. In addition to that, the community members are really interested in the b [...]

Architecture Brigades: Progress in Santa Rosa
November 18, 2013

Architecture Brigades: Although Global Brigades’ students are cramming for midterms in the library, construction of the secondary school in Santa Rosa continues moving forward thanks to the efforts of professional brigaders from DHL. 20 volunteers trekked to Santa Rosa and [...]


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Roxanne UC Berkeley.jpg      "What amazes me is how holistic Global Brigades is. Each day of the brigade had a Medical,   
Dental, and Gynecology component in it. Patients attended a community charla (workshop) that      
       educates them about key health practices. The team was able to suture a patient whose left hand got
       caught in between his horse and a fence. The brigaders also provided Dental Education and fluoride
       treatment to over 30 children during our Pilot Day. Truly, Global Brigades empowered us to provide
       medical and dental services even in the most remote locations."


       Medical Brigades
       University of California, Berkeley, United States

Brillante.jpg      "As a result of my life-changing experiences with Global Brigades, I am now seriously considering it as
      something I can hopefully continue doing as a career option after graduating. The entire staff at Global
      Brigades is extraordinarily kind, driven, and easy to get along with, all of whom I am honored to have
      worked with. This definitely also includes the translators, security, and our beloved bus driver! The
      relentless combined effort of the Global Brigades staff is what brings people together from across
      cultures in order to learn from each other skills and values. It is not a one sided relationship, but a
      mutual one, which is what makes the experience so incredibly rewarding for everyone"


      - Brillante
        Business & Microfinance Brigades
        University of Southern California, United States




Maria Johns Hopkins.jpg     "It blows my mind to think that eight young college students from America could have such an
      impact on people’s lives. I have learned soooo much more about microfinance with the help of
      my group. The fact that we were able to suggest an insurance backing company for all the
      Cajas shows we were moving in the right direction. Most importantly, I have learned about
      Hondurans: they have an immeasurable drive for success, a love for their community, and a
      wish to better themselves.I cannot wait to dedicate my life to helping others."


      - Maria
        Microfinance Brigades
        Johns Hopkins University, United States

Dennis Imperial.jpg      "Working with my fellow brigaders and the Water Brigades crew for those 10 days has been a great honour
       and I will always cherish these memories. If anyone is reading this to look for inspiration/motivation
       before deciding on embarking on a brigade, all I have to say is that it’s one of the best things you’ll ever
       do but it’s really hard to put into words. You kind of have to be there experiencing it to understand. So I
       say take that risk, I reckon you won’t be disappointed."


       - Dennis
         Water Brigades
         Imperial College, United Kingdom

Daniela Mount Allison.jpg      "This is my 3rd year being involved with Global Brigades, and the first thing that I would tell anyone
       about GB, is that it has changed my life in unimaginable ways and steered my life in the direction I
       always dreamed of from a young age. Having grown up in a “developing” country myself, I have strong
       ties to the work that Global Brigades carries out in Latin America and Africa, and ever since I became
       involved with the organization, my desire to pursue a career in International Development has only
       grown stronger. The friendships I have established with both the staff, the families, and fellow
       Canadian students have been extremely rewarding."

       - Daniela
Public Health Brigades
         Mount Allison University, Canada

Raissa Penn State.jpg      "My classmates and I held a financial literacy clinic, where we implemented a shareholder model in
       the community development fund and sold 500 shares to villagers. For me, witnessing concrete
       change in the community, along with awesome enthusiasm for the undertaking from all sides,
       reinforced my belief that sustainable development through microfinance is completely possible.
       Global Brigades has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from incredible people–students,
       villagers, and GB staff–an experience that has been incredibly rewarding. My involvement with
       GB has inspired me to pursue my interest in development both in and outside of the classroom,
       and has undoubtedly enriched my experience living in a city as diverse as New York."


       - Raissa
         Microfinance Brigades
         Columbia University, United States



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