Volunteer Program Types


Global Medical TeleBrigades are designed for people who care about equitable access to healthcare and want to build medical knowledge through skill-based volunteering, build cultural competency through virtual immersion, and deliver real impact through our local team by participating in live medical clinics. 

TeleBrigades use virtual meeting software, secure tele-medical platforms, and the support of the on-the-ground healthcare professionals. This innovative program incorporates mobile medical clinics, interviews with physicians, medical Spanish, an introduction to pharmacology and exposure to unique epidemiologic case studies.

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Global Business TeleBrigades are for students who care about economic opportunities in under-resourced communities. Apply business skills, foster cultural competency through virtual immersion, and with the support of our local teams and mentors from Deloitte or Accenture, create consulting deliverables to support clients in under-resourced communities in the developing world.  

TeleBrigades use virtual meeting software and on-the-ground economic development team to facilitate meaningful experiences for volunteers and clients. This program incorporates live consultations, consulting deliverables, and the opportunity for affordable loan capital to help clients execute their business plans.

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Engineering TeleBrigades

Engineering TeleBrigades are designed for people who are passionate about access to clean water. This opportunity is an international collaboration to improve access to clean potable water in rural Honduran communities. Each TeleBrigade is a live case study of engineering challenges that prevent a community’s access to potable water.  Our bilingual on-the-ground teams guide volunteers to survey land, assess water sources, and ultimately design a full scale community-wide water system using the Epanet software.

The program does not stop at design. Participants go further to actually budget the water system so our local teams can support the community to secure local governments or grant funding for construction. A portion of the cost of each volunteer’s donation goal goes toward matching funds to help achieve this. 


Public Health TeleBrigades

Public Health TeleBrigades are best for volunteers who want to prevent disease and improve health outcomes in rural Honduran communities. Our bilingual on-the-ground teams guide students and partner community’s Basic Sanitation Committee (BSC) through the UNDP’s Healthy Schools and Households program, to identify health challenges, assess market demand for in-home infrastructure solutions, and ultimately build a Community Health Action Plan.  

The program does not stop at an Action Plan, the BSC committee implements the plan and shares progress with the volunteers after 6-8weeks of implementation.  



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