Faculty Invitation to the Leadership Institute

Global Brigades Kambia is transforming global education by enhancing university and college curriculums. Our programs present students with a community challenge and use experts on the ground to analyze and problem-solve over the course of a semester. We work alongside faculty to create a curriculum tailored to your existing course.

By joining us at the Leadership Institute, you will have a hands-on opportunity to see all of our programs in action.

See It For Yourself

We know that the academic landscape has been shifting dramatically over the past two years. Along with you, we have been challenged to creatively adapt our programming to fit the virtual landscape. As a result, pre-medical students have viewed a live ophthalmologist exam in Honduras and formulated a prescription, marketing students have connected with migrant business-owners in Greece to share social media strategies, and engineering students have created water infrastructure designs for rural communities throughout Central America.

Now, looking forward, we are ready to welcome these same students, along with their faculty, to our in-person programs. By attending our Leadership Institute, you will see all of our programs* for yourself to determine the best fit in your curriculum.

*Nursing and Public Health, Business and Social Enterprise, Engineering, and Social Justice and Community Development

Local to Global, and Back Again

Participation in an international Brigade gives students an increased understanding of social justice and international development that they can then bring back to their own communities. As explained by our Director of International Programs, Blase Scarnati:

Too often in international education, local and global work are considered to be opposing poles of activity, as if they exist on two ends of a single strand. We argue that these ends should be pulled together, woven into a whole where the local and global, theory and practice, and pedagogical models and applications are knotted together. For us, social justice moves the hands that tie this strand of opposites into a dense intersectional practice. Through social justice-focused means and ends, local communities, communities abroad, faculty, and students are all empowered to generate change at small and large scales, both here and abroad.

 -Developing a Globalized Localism Model and Practice for Social Justice