Mentor Highlight

Global Brigades proudly partners with Deloitte to increase impact with our Business Brigades. Deloitte consultants accompany our university volunteers to ensure higher quality business guidance for the community members while providing our students with valuable career insight.

Mentor Testimonial, Connie from Deloitte
“I had the opportunity to serve as a mentor for over 20 university students consulting 4 different clients in a rural, impoverished region in Nicaragua. Overall, the trip was an amazing experience in which I was able to grow tremendously both professionally and personally. Professionally, I was in a unique position to serve in an advisory role and manage multiple projects at the same time. I developed key skills such as being able to quickly synthesize information and balance my time and attention between several teams. Although it was definitely a stretch role, I am thankful that the 3C Program provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself in ways that would not be possible on a traditional project…”

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