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Travel FAQ

View some questions we are frequently asked about booking brigade travel with Global Brigades.  Don’t see your question listed? Contact your Program Associate for more information.

Why are online prices cheaper than group reservation quotes?

Prices you see online are published fares (for one individual, not a group) and are 24-hour reservations. After purchasing several individual tickets at a time (5-6), there is an incremental increase in ticket prices for the fare. As a result, the “savings” from the initial quote end up outweighing the overall group increases. This is why group booking is ultimately more financially sensible.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles to book flights?

If brigaders would like to use miles to book airfare, they must book flights directly with the airlines, independent of Global Brigades. A third party (ex. Global Brigades Travel) cannot apply an individual’s miles towards flights.

However, you are able to accrue miles through flights booked through Global Brigades. Contact your brigade leader to see how your frequent flyer number can be added to your ticket.

What happens if flight funds are not raised in time?

If the full amount of the airfare is not raised on the fundraising page by the appropriate deadline, the reservation will be cancelled, and any deposits already paid may be lost. Volunteers will need to begin the flight booking process again to find new flights.

Is my ticket refundable or transferrable?

Once issued, tickets are not transferable.

The refund policy depends on the airline and fare paid. If tickets were booked through Global Brigades, any refunds from airlines will be issued to Global Brigades. From there, refunds from Global Brigades to individual volunteers or donors will follow our organization’s Cancellation & Refund Policies.