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No-Refund & Cancellation Policy

Non-Profit Status

Global Brigades Inc. (i.e. “Global Brigades USA”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and to provide tax-deductible receipt for donations, we must follow these IRS regulations (Pub. 526):

  • Monetary donations must be made directly to Global Brigades.
  • Cash donations or checks issued to individuals or his/her Chapter are considered a personal gift and NOT a qualifying donation.
  • To be able to utilize the tax law allowance, the individual taxpayer needs to use the Schedule “A” form when filing tax returns. Business donors will use their applicable forms to claim the benefit.
  • If a donor wishes to receive a tax receipt, donations must be made under the donor’s name.

Individual Cancellations

Global Brigades strongly encourages volunteers who wish to cancel their brigade participation to find a replacement volunteer so their original commitment to the program implementation may be fulfilled.

A volunteer must communicate the cancellation of their brigade participation to their Brigade Leader and the Program Associate assigned to their brigade. Within 1 month after their cancellation, the volunteer must email their Program Associate if they plan to apply the funds raised toward their Donation Goal for a future brigade, which will be reserved for a future brigade for up to 12 months upon time of cancellation. 

If a volunteer cancels their participation within 14 days of the brigade start date, the funds available for application toward a future brigade will be reduced by $150. This $150 will be utilized to cover the costs already expended to prepare for their brigade participation which was cancelled on short notice.

*If the volunteer doesn’t email their Program Associate within the 1 month period, the funds raised toward the volunteer’s  Donation Goal will be utilized to further Global Brigades’ mission and no longer available to meet a future Donation Goal.
**If the volunteer reserves the funds raised for a future brigade, but does not sign-up for a new brigade within 12 months, the funds raised toward the volunteer’s Donation Goal will be utilized to further Global Brigades’ mission

Flight Cancellations

If Global Brigades has already booked a volunteer’s flight at the time the volunteer cancels their participation, Global Brigades’ travel team will work with the airline to cancel the flight. If the airline provides a cash refund back to Global Brigades for the flight, we will utilize those funds to further Global Brigades’ mission. If the airline provides a flight voucher back to Global Brigades in the name of the volunteer, the volunteer can utilize the flight voucher for a future brigade.*

 *Typically, most flight vouchers expire 1 year after the date the original ticket was issued.

Chapter Cancellations

A chapter may have to cancel your Brigade for various reasons. Examples include not meeting the volunteer group minimum, or not having university support to travel abroad. When a chapter cancels their scheduled brigade, ideally they work with their volunteers to schedule a new brigade that works for everyone. 

In some cases, the new scheduled brigade may no longer work for an individual volunteer and they may have to cancel their brigade participation. If this happens to you, please contact our Program Associate to find out if we can add you to another brigade that is scheduled for dates that work better for your schedule. 

If you are unable to sign-up for a new brigade, you can email your Program Associate to reserve the funds raised toward your current Donation Goal for a future brigade’s Donation Goal for up to 12 months upon time of cancellation.*

Cancellations made by Global Brigades

Global Brigades’ number one priority is volunteer safety. In rare scenarios, Global Brigades may have to cancel brigades in a country due to events beyond our control, which may include, but are not limited to natural disasters, endemic and pandemic disease, and political unrest.

If your brigade is canceled by Global Brigades, we will do our best to help reschedule your brigade to possibly a new date and/or different country. If you are unable to participate in the rescheduled brigade, you can elect to reserve the funds raised toward your Donation Goal for a future brigade.*

*If the volunteer decides to not utilize the funds raised toward the volunteer’s Donation Goal for a future brigade, the funds will be utilized to further Global Brigades’ mission.




All donations are made to Global Brigades, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States. As agreed to by all volunteers upon sign-up and by all donors upon donation, ALL DONATIONS MADE TO GLOBAL BRIGADES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.*
All donations raised will be used to further Global Brigades’ mission, regardless of an individual or chapter’s participation in Brigades. Donations made to Global Brigades are not made to specific brigades nor individuals. If a volunteer or chapter elects not to participate in a brigade, or if their brigade is cancelled  the funds raised to meet their Donations Goals will continue to be utilized for their intended purpose to further Global Brigades’ mission.
Global Brigades demonstrates accountability to donors in publishing an annual audit from an independent accounting firm, which can be found on the Financials page of our website.
*This policy is effective September 1st, 2015, and applies to all donations made on or after this date