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Volunteers are critical to the implementation of Global Brigades’ Holistic Model through Brigade programming and we are open to welcoming individuals that are not currently affiliated with a Chapter or University. Connect to an Existing Chapter in the United States, UK, or Canada if you are interested in pursuing an upcoming Global Brigades program and are not interested in creating a Chapter in your community.

Select a Chapter

Select your program of interest on the right to view current Chapter Leaders open to hosting individual volunteers outside of their campus or community. Each opportunity includes a link to that Chapter’s Brigade Page to view specific date ranges as well as email contact information for their most recent Chapter Leader. Before signing up as a volunteer on the Brigade Page, email the Chapter Leader to inquire about next steps to sign up as a volunteer with their team or to ask about their itinerary.

Expect to be included in all team emails/communications if both you and the Chapter agree that you are a good fit for each other in terms of program, flight scheduling, donation goals, etc. We encouraging networking with fellow volunteers as much as possible in the time leading up to your Brigade or TeleBrigade.

*This page is updated regularly and will continue to include more Brigade/TeleBrigade options as opportunities arise. If you are a Chapter Leader open to hosting independent volunteers on your next Brigade/TeleBrigade, please submit our Chapter Interest Form. 


Olivia Agranovich: olivochkaa@gmail.com | Tufts University Medical TeleBrigade December 2021 Honduras

Roxy Kronshtal: rkrons2@uic.edu | University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Brigade December 2021 Guatemala

Kareena Chawla: kxc170004@utdallas.edu | University of Texas Dallas Medical TeleBrigade December 2021 Ghana

Leslie Portillo: asugmbs@gmail.com | Arizona State University Medical Brigade January 2022 Guatemala 

Maria Angiolilo: mcangiol@syr.edu | Syracuse University Medical Brigade January 2022 Panama 

Bianca Martineau: bianca_melendez_martineau@brown.edu | Brown University Medical Brigade January 2022 Greece

Emily Kang: emily.kang@duke.edu | Duke University Medical Brigade March 2022 Panama

Amy Russell: nyvtnursesunite@gmail.com | New York/Vermont Nurses Unite Medical Brigade March 2022 Honduras

Peyton Elliot: Peyton.Elliott@rockets.utoledo.edu | University of Toledo Medical Brigade March 2022 Guatemala

Cameron Crowell: Dalhousie.gb@gmail.com | Dalhousie University Medical Brigade May 2022 Guatemala

Anuradha Ramdas: gmbfau@gmail.com | Florida Atlantic University Medical Brigade May 2022 Honduras

Nadia Lieu: nadialieu08@gmail.com | University of Houston Medical Brigade June 2022 Greece

Sharmin Akthar: sharminakthar@hotmail.com | King’s College London Medical Brigade July 2022 Ghana

Legal Empowerment

Fundraising Goals

Global Brigades is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers 7 Brigade programs across 5 program countries. Volunteers must fund raise a minimum donation goal to participate in the program of their choosing. Use the button below to view all donation goals depending on program, program format (virtual or in-person), and program country.