Leadership Day with GB Germany

Each year, Global Brigades Germany hosts a leadership day for student leaders and interested volunteers to share best practices, discuss programs and organizational updates and gather with other passionate leaders.

May 25th, 2019 | Münster, Germany

The 11th annual 2019 GB Germany Leadership Day will take place on Saturday, May 25th in Münster.

The conference is open to all German chapters and their members, Campus Chairpersons, Chapter Leaders, Volunteers as well as aspiring members. Of course, anyone interested in setting up a chapter at their university and becoming involved in development cooperation is welcome. Alumni and members of Global Brigades Germany e.V. are also invited. The semi-annual Leadership Day is intended to familiarize the participants with the goals and principles of Global Brigades and the structures of the world’s largest student-led NGO. In addition, updates from the GBA and news from the German association will be communicated. Actually, the university groups are the core of the event. In addition to exciting activities, the participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge. The event will be hosted by the following passionate and knowledgable GB Germany Board Members.






The deadline to register is May 12th, 2019.

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Conference Details


Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (University and State Library)
Room ULB 202
Krummer Timpen 5
48142 Münster


Members of the Münster University Chapter can provide sleeping facilities. Please indicate a need for accommodation during the registration process.


Each participant has to organize his own journey to Münster. Public parking is available in the immediate area of the venue. For Global Brigades associates there is a travel allowance of up to 30€.


Lunch and snacks will be provided by GB Germany. Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances you may have during the registration process.


Please contact education.gbgermany@globalbrigades.org for further information.


10:00am Check-In
Meet and greet with fellow GB members and GB Germany staff.
10:15am Social & Get To Know You’s
A short getting to know you game will be facilitated by the Communication Manager.
10:30am Global Brigades: The Basics
Learn about our major objectives as an organization and the unique holistic model approach with our Vice President.
11:00am Meet the Board of Directors
Get to know the different roles within the GB Germany network from all board members. 
11:15am Organizational Updates
Learn about the past present and future of Global Brigades and upcoming plans from our President.
11:30am Short Break
A brief recess to enjoy some coffee and network.
11:35am Updates from German Chapters
Want to become involved in GB and interested in starting your own chapter? We’ll provide guidance and action steps on how to get started.
12:30pm Breakout: Teamwork
Rotate between three breakout sessions focused on recruiting volunteers, fundraising best practices, and leadership.
1:00pm LUNCH
Lunch provided by Global Brigades. 
1:30pm Presenting Results of Teamwork
Present on and discuss the major takeaways and insights gathered in the teamwork session. 
2:00pm Ethical Considerations
Have you ever experienced criticisms or difficult questions when talking about Global Brigades? Our president will lead you through a session focused on navigating those conversations.
2:20pm Cultural Diversity
Spend some time better understanding the culture in Germany as compared to the culture in Ghana. Our Education manager will provide you with some training on better understanding cultural differences.
2:40pm Short Break
Take the opportunity to interact with the people surrounding you while having a snack!
3:15pm Final Debrief
Take the chance to share your thoughts about the content of this year’s leadership day.
3:30 Conference Closing
Final words and thank yous. Now you have some time to explore the City of Münster!