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Although Panama boasts an impressive 9% annual GDP growth, it has the most extreme inequity of wealth distribution in the Western Hemisphere. The abundance of natural resources clashes with the harsh economic poverty of many rural communities where we work. In these rural areas, communities often live beyond the coverage of basic health, access to regular water, and financial services.


Panama is uniquely diverse with both indigenous and latino communities often just a few minutes a part. We work with both Latino groups and the indigenous Embera and Guna groups. We strive to empower these communities with various health and development programs, keeping in mind the vast cultural differences and complexities.


Since GB Panama was established in 2009, nearly 10,000 university volunteers have participated in our Panama programming, working alongside community members to implement health and development projects. Beyond our more widely adopted Medical, Dental, Business and Microfinance programs, the Panamanian Holistic Model is the only country to offer Environmental and Human Rights programs based on the unique challenges of the Eastern Region where we work.   



Annual Report

Be sure to view GB Panama's Annual Report, compiling all the information from the year's brigades! Our Community Development team tracks and monitors each program's indicators to measure impact and record data. Read the report below!





• 3,661,868 population


• 8% lack access to
  safe water

• 29% live below the

  poverty line

• $15,900 USD GDP
  per person



• 25 full-time and 80+
  part-time local staff

• 43 community partners


• 9,767 volunteers


• 551 brigades




Every year, GB Panama hosts a conference for all of the community bank leaders in our communities.


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