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Nicaragua is considered the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere, behind Haiti. It is still recovering from an economic and political crisis in the 1980s, but the country has stabilized and is widely recognized as one of the safest and 'friendliest' in the entire region.

Over 43% of Nicaragua’s population lives in rural communities, and of those, 85% make just an average of $1 per day. In addition to poor access to medicine and healthcare, communities lack access to capital and a banking infrastructure to grow its economy.

We launched in Nicaragua in 2013 as an extension of our Honduran operations. Since, more than 2,000 university volunteers have participated in Nicaraguan programs. Global Brigades implements Medical, Dental, and Public Health Brigades, most commonly participated as a hybrid so volunteers can observe the connections between medical conditions and public health infrastructure. Although we only offer health programs to volunteers, our Nicaraguan team consists of microfinance professionals that work to establish savings and loans systems that complement the health work without volunteer participation.






• 5,890,000 population


• 15% lack access to
  safe water


• 45% live below the

  poverty line


• $3,205 USD GDP
  per person



• 15 full-time and 60+
  part-time local staff


• 25 community partners


• 2,035 volunteers


• 68 brigades



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