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Honduras is recognized as one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. In the rural communities we work, most do not surpass the third grade due to lack of access to education. Rural communities are often isolated with poor road infrastructure making commerce and hospital access a tremendous barrier to development. 


Sensationalized media reports of gang violence in North Honduras has diverted internatinoal non-profits from providing assistance, further decreasing resources for the country. Although Global Brigades works in the rural South and Central parts of the country, where gang violence is not a threat, heightened safety precautions are observed through accompaniment of police and/or military personnel during brigades.

Honduras was the first Global Brigades country. Since 2004, it has welcomed more than 30,000 Global Brigades volunteers. It is our most established and advanced country implementing our Holistic Model with long established community partners enthusiastic to work alongside our volunteers. in 2014, Global Brigades transitioned from 3 communities, establishing local community-owned banks, a community-wide treated water system, resident community health workers, and in-home public health infrastructure.











• 7,496,000 population


• 40% lack access to
  safe water


• 60%+ live below
   poverty line


• $2,050 USD GDP
   per person



• Established in 2004


• 33 full-time and 150    part-time local staff


• 85 community


• 2 holistically



• 25,972 volunteers


• 1,307 brigades



Women S Conference 2.jpg

Every year, GB Honduras hosts three conferences for all of the female leaders in our communities.




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