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Country Members

The Global Brigades Association is made up of 10 country members. There are 6 volunteer-sending countries (Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, and USA) that mobilize and fundraise for health and development projects in the 4 partner countries (Ghana, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama). Each of the North American and European country members have an established not-for-profit organization with tax-deductible status or are working on establishing by the end of 2013.

Country Members

Global Brigades, Inc (USA) was founded in 2007 as a California-based not-for-profit organization and achieved US 501c3 status in 2008. Prior to its creation, Global Brigades solely operated as a Honduran charitable organization as a division of Sociedad Amigos de los Niños. Currently, Global Brigades USA mobilizes more than 7,000 annual volunteers through 450+ University chapters.

Registered Charity No. 1132015

Contact Phone: (0)7908867210

GB UK Liability Insurance Policy


Global Brigades UK was founded  in 2009. GB UK volunteers have participated in a variety of Global Brigades programs in Honduras, Panama, and Ghana. However, with the recent expansion of GB to Ghana, UK volunteers have began to focus more of their brigades to Ghana, focusing on the the Medical, Microfinance, and Water Brigades programs. In 2010, GB UK grew from 35 brigaders to 80 brigaders, then in 2011 grew to 242 brigaders and in 2012 442 brigaders travelled around the world to take part in brigades. GB UK hopes to double the number of brigaders in 2013. Below are the current universities with Global Brigades chapters.


Cambridge University (Law)
Cardiff University (Dental, Medical, Microfinance, Water)
Imperial College (Medical)
King’s College (Dental, Medical)
London Business School (Microfinance)
London School of Economics (Microfinance, Law, Water)
School of Oriental and African Studies London (Microfinance)
St Andrews University (Microfinance)
University College London (Medical, Microfinance, Water)
University of Birmingham (Medical, Water)
University of Nottingham (Medical)
University of Oxford (Microfinance)

If your university is not on here but you would be interested in starting a chapter please contact gbuksr@globalbrigades.org

Global Brigades Canada is currently in the process of attaining tax-deductible charity status. Since 2008, the Canada groups have participated in several Medical, Dental, Public Health and Business Brigades to Central America. For more information on Global Brigades in Canada, please contact executive.canada@globalbrigades.org.

Global Brigades Ireland was officially incorporated in 2010 after a very successful Business Brigade to Panama in which the student leaders worked closely with a group of chicken farmers to develop their enterprise. Global Brigades Ireland sends Irish university students on 10 day brigades to Ghana, Panama and Honduras, offering brigades in all 9 of Global Brigades’ programs: Architecture, Business, Dental, Environmental, Medical, Microfinance, Public Health, and Water. Global Brigades Ireland is currently expanding – setting up societies in many Irish third level institutions.

In 2010, the first German Chapter was founded at the University of Bayreuth and in September 2011 the first German Brigade worked in a Microfinance Program in Ghana. Since 2012, Global Brigades Germany e. V. is accredited as a nonprofit association in Germany.

Global Brigades Germany now has chapters in Bayreuth, München and Münster and is planning to expand to other universities, especially to Tübingen and Erlangen, to reach more students with different backgrounds.

If you would like get involved with GB Germany, please send an e-mail to gb.germany@globalbrigades.org or visit www.facebook.com/GlobalBrigadesGermanyEV.

In 2010, Global Brigades Austria, Switzerland and Germany (ASG) was founded by a team of three experienced brigaders, including one of the first Business brigade program directors in Panama in 2008. The first Swiss chapter was founded in early 2012 at the University of Applied Sciences HTW in Chur, followed by the first Swiss brigade in the field of Microfinance to Ghana in July of the same year.
After this success, it was decided to separate Global Brigades ASG, which led to the official foundation of Global Brigades Switzerland in September 2012.
Currently, Global Brigades Switzerland is seeking to expand and set up further chapters at Swiss universities. For more information, contact Alexander Bernhard (alexander.bernhard@globalbrigades.org).

Global Brigades Ghana was founded in 2010 as nonprofit organization in Ghana providing health and economic development services to rural communities.

Global Brigades Honduras was founded in 2007 as nonprofit organization in Honduras providing health and economic development services to rural communities.

Global Brigades Panama was founded in 2009 as nonprofit organization in Panama providing health and economic development services to rural communities.


Althought we’d like to provide our volunteer programs to students from all countries, it takes a lot of time and investment to establish a non-profit entity in a new country. Along with establishing an entity, we must file for tax-deductible charity status in that country, form a board of directors to manage that non-profit, and put all the necessary insurance in place to protect the traveling volunteers. But, if we come across the right leaders and are approached by enough volunteers from a particular country then we try our best to work on incorporating a non-profit entity in that country.




Leaders who want to empower students from their country to participate in Global Brigades programs can work with the Global Brigades team to register a Global Brgades non-profit entity in their country so that students can volunteer with Global Brigades and donors can submit tax-deductible donations In order to learn more about how to establish a Global Brigades country member, please send your inquiry to Steven Atamian (steve@globalbrigades.org).