Program Associate

Start Date: Immediate
Language(s): English and Spanish
Location: Estelí, Nicaragua or Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Job Overview:

Uniquely, the PROGRAM ASSOCIATE (PA) is one of the only Global Brigades positions, for non-locals, to work directly alongside the on-the-ground teams in Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras. The PAs work to empower and prepare volunteers to make meaningful impact on their brigades AND work along-side our local staff and community members to consult and improve our ability to meet health and development objectives.  Each PA is assigned a program area of emphasis to champion, whether it be alongside the medical, water, business teams or special projects like our patient referral program.

PAs will have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities as they become available.  We encourage individuals looking to build a career with Global Brigades to apply.

The PROGRAM ASSOCIATE fulfills organizational goals in 5 major areas:

  1. Brigade planning and volunteer preparation for all programs
  2. Representing and advocating on behalf of a particular program (champion)
  3. Developing program content for stakeholders (web, print, grant pursuit, etc.)
  4. Engaging with brigades while in-country (PA talks, emergencies)
  5. Support program monitoring and evaluation


The PA is responsible for preparing all volunteers to come on brigades to their program country in order to maximize impact. Additionally, the PA oversees all community based content that is shared with volunteers and stakeholders alike. As such, strong communication skills are required to report on the progress programs are making on the ground.  The PAs work directly alongside in-country leadership, program leads, technicians, and the leadership team within Global Brigades internationally to accomplish this.

Compensation & Logistics

  1. Staff member lives in program country, works in program office
    • Estelí, Nicaragua or Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  2. Monthly salary
  3. Receives work computer (Chromebook) and cell phone
  4. Emergency Health insurance provided
  5. Health insurance subsidy of $150/month (restrictions apply)
  6. Flight to/from program country provided at beginning/end of contract
  7. Visa and/or residency costs provided
  8. Associates cover their own housing (GB provides options and support)
  9. Reimbursements provided for Spanish lessons

The PA reports directly to their country’s respective Program Associate Manager.

Please direct any questions about this position to Daniel Klingelhoets, People Operations Coordinator, at

Apply for the position

  • Please use a non .edu email address.
  • Indicate your earliest available start date.
  • Please indicate your Spanish level.
  • Please upload a cover letter.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please submit your most current resume.
    Accepted file types: pdf.