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About El Jute

Located in Southern Honduras, El Jute is a community of 65 homes with

a population of approximately 360.  El Jute is primarily an agricultural

community, relying on the production of coffee, beans, and corn.  The

average family earns about 1,750 Lempiras ($90.00) per month.  El Jute

has a gravity based water system built by the government, which gives

community members access to clean water. To address common

illnesses in the community, including respiratory infections and gastritis,

the Global Brigades' Public Health Team worked with El Jute in 2013 to

build litrines, cement floors, and eco-stoves in every home  School is

offered in El Jute until 6th grade and the nearest high school is about

2 hours away by walking.


El Jute's Economic Challenge

Many of the community members in El Jute work in agriculture

privately owned small farms. Yet, the community has no access to credit, and up until a community bank was created in February 2013, no one had ever taken out a loan. Larger financial institutions, which are inaccessible due to distance and cost, also do notapprove loans to community members without a fixed income, making it very difficult for local microenterprises to grow and thrive.


Microfinance & Business Consulting in El Jute

El Jute looks to receive financial training and business consulting to create new businesses in the community.  One leading microenterprise plan is to locally produce cleaning products, such as soap, detergent, etc, at a more accessible price than the current market, which is located over an hour walk away.  A business plan is in place and the members of the mircoenterprise are ready for training and initial investment.


One of the cornerstones for the success of future projects is the sustainable nature of a community bank: investments are approved through loans granted to community projects; interest is then paid back on the loans—both large and small—and 100% of profits stay in the community, enabling the funding of more loans for more projects in the community. Capitalization of the community bank is directly linked to the development of Embera Puru; the growth and success of their community bank means growth and success for the community.


Current Status

The Microfinance and Business Team is currently following up with Caja meetings ensuring the sustainability of the Caja, training the current Caja in regards to business plans, as well as consulting their leading cleaning product business.


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General Overview
Beneficiaries 360
Volunteers 60


Additional Information
General Community Profile
Business Methodology
Pre-Brigade Lesson Plans
Business Profiles
Community Bank Overview
Establishment Date  February 2013
Number of Members  18
Board of Directors
Services Credit and Savings
Total Amount Capitalized by Global Brigades (as of Aug. 2015)
Statistics (as of April 2015)
No. of Savings Accounts
Total Capital
 240,000 HNL
Total Amount Loaned  N/A
Number of Outstanding Loans
Repayment Rate  99%