Indiana University Student Leadership Conference

Throughout the year Global Brigades hosts regional student leadership conference across the United States to connect all Global Brigades volunteers and share best practices, meet with staff to discuss programs and impact, and network.

April 6, 2019 | Bloomington, IN

The Indiana University Regional Student Leadership Conference will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Indiana University.

Global Brigades is partnering with student leaders at Indiana University to host a regional Student leadership conference with the purpose of bringing together volunteers, staff, and professionals within the field of International Development to engage in a day filled with leadership training, presentations, breakout sessions and discussions. Throughout the day we will focus on developing your role as a leader within Global Brigades, thinking critically about the United Nation’s Sustainable development goals, sharing best practices, engaging volunteers year-round, an in depth discussion of volunteering abroad, and providing the latest updates from GB.

The deadline to register for this SLC is March 30, 2019.

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Conference Details




On Saturday, April 6, Global Brigades will provide lunch and dinner for conference attendees. For attendees with allergies or special dietary restrictions, please let us know during registration and we will try our best to accommodate.

Dress Code

Conference dress code is casual.


Contact for more information.

Tentative Agenda

Please note that this agenda is tentative and is subject to change.

10:00am Check-In
Check-in to receive your name tag and conference materials. 
10:30am Conference Welcome
Meet Global Brigades Staff, GB UK board members, and fellow leaders and review conference objectives.
11:00am Global Brigades’ Holistic Model
Gain a more in depth understanding of the programs that make up our holistic model of sustainable development.
11:30am UN Sustainable Development Goals & The Empowered 100
Learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they align with our strategy as an organization.
12:00pm  Lunch & Networking
Lunch provided by Global Brigades.
1:00pm Breakout: Chapter Best Practices
Network and share best practices with fellow leaders. 
 2:00pm Activity: Leadership Development
Reflect on your leadership style and develop your skills to strengthen GB on your campus.
2:30pm Breakout: Critical Thinking
Dive deeper into topics related to the importance of cultural competence, how to address common critiques, and ethically sharing your story.
3:30pm Research Proposal Pitches 
Participate a GB focused research proposal pitch competition for a chance to win a research scholarship from GBUK! 
4:30pm Campus Action Plans
Take some time to consolidate all of your new insights and ideas into concrete action steps moving forward. 
5:00pm Chapter Awards & Closing Remarks
The conference will close with some final thoughts and thank yous! 
 6:00pm Dinner
Dinner provided by Global Brigades. Group will meet for dinner (location TBA)

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